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FSU football: Mike Norvell talks preparation for second scrimmage, practice intensity and more

“ This is probably one of the more intense practices we’ve had ”

FLORIDA STATE — Florida State head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media following Thursday’s practice, along with Derrick McLendon and Renardo Green. The Seminoles really pushed the pace today, presenting one of the more physical practices of the spring. While they were focusing on fundamentals and basic principles of the tackling, blocking, and reading the gap, they’ve amped up the speed and put these kids into situational football where they have to think on their own.

On freshman DB Sam McCall getting comfortable in FSU’s defense, grabbing two interceptions on Thursday:

“ Sam’s continuing to get better and is a guy who can still be in high school but he’s an early enrollee. Each practice is an opportunity for growth and he’s taken advantage of that... To see a lot of these young players and new players come in and have some early production, it shows the playmaking ability that we thought we were getting and it’s showing up. I’m excited about what his future is and it’s good to see him having some early success.”

On heading into the second half of spring practice, while making sure they take advantage of the time on field:

“ It goes quick and we talk about taking advantage of every day, every opportunity. Saturday we’ll have a little bit more of a game flow, where it won’t as scripted with where we are so we’re going to have to react to results of drive... Let guys be out there on the field and really think, be ready for the sudden changes, be ready to adapting as we’re calling plays.”