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WATCH: Mike Norvell talks improvement, roster transformation, and Jordan Travis

“I’m excited about what I’ve seen.”

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

TALLAHASSEE — Kicking off March with a bang, head coach Mike Norvell spoke to the media today, the first official step towards starting spring practice.

With transfers, a top 20 recruiting class, and an influx of new additions off-field, the Seminoles look to take the next step on the field and that starts with spring practice.

Here’s some of Norvell’s quotes, with the full video to be posted when available:

On impressions so far

“I’m excited about what I’ve seen. We’ve brought in size speed and explosiveness…There were some positions where we were just playing with some youth and some inexperience and now we’ve seen their growth and their ability.”

On Jordan Travis

“We definitely have a much better sense of who he is as a QB. We have an open slate with the things we can ask him to do. I think we’ve surrounded him with some very talented guys to be able to showcase what he can really do.”

On roster turnover

“Bringing in 23 newcomers — it’s the largest number of newcomers we’ve brought in. For over 40 guys in our program, this was their first off-season. Bringing in guys for Tour of Duty, getting used to our scheme.”

On offensive line

“That’s a position I am really excited about. Signing 6 offensive linemen, it brings a lot of coemption in the building. Very intelligent young men — the skillset, the size, the versatility. Rob Scott really had a great offseason. Darius Washington has a lot of potential — we’re going to work with his versatility. We’re going to find the combination of 5 offensive linemen that is best for us.”

On wide receivers

“When you bring in 4 guys at that position, there is versatility among them. Size, speed special teams. We wanted to add a mix of experience and that playmaking ability.”

Video is courtesy of Noles247