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FSU releases updated roster ahead of spring ball

Hold my protein shake.

TALLAHASSEE — Florida State has released an updated roster ahead of spring practice in their spring guide which starts this weekend and there were some major weight changes with some of the players compared to last fall.

The hard work is showing — marked improvement from another year in the strength and conditioning program (and Tour of Duty for the newcomers) seems to have paid off under Director of Strength and Conditioning coach Josh Storms.

There were a lot of incremental gains and the majority of the roster has either added good weight or trimmed down.

Here are some of the major changes:

  • Defensive back Jammie Robinson (who is also the returning team leader for tackles) gained 10 pounds moving up from 193 to 203.
  • Defensive end Derrick McClendon II dropped 15 pounds from 255 to 240.
  • Arizona State transfer Johnny Wilson gained 10 pounds. The 6’7 wide receiver went from 225 to 235.
  • Defensive back Sidney Williams lost 10 pounds from 201 to 191.
  • Defensive tackle Joshua Farmer went from 290 to 299.
  • Linebacker DJ Lundy slimmed down to 239 from 255.
  • Defensive lineman Patrick Payton jumped up from 235 to 247.
  • Offensive lineman Lloyd Willis probably had this biggest change in weight dropping down from 327 to 293.

The full roster can be seen below and spring notes from can be found here.