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Watch: Florida State head coach Mike Norvell talks first day of football practice

“Thought it was a good first day — great energy.”

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State Seminoles football made its return to the practice field Saturday, kicking off the spring season and year 3 of the Mike Norvell era.

According to head coach Mike Norvell, the energy was exactly where it needed to be — focused, but passionate.

“Thought it was a good first day — great energy. The confidence of the guys, I thought we had an efficient practice. Good reps across the board,” he said after practice. “It wasn’t a whole lot of wasted time, wasted movement. You know, with having 40 guys that this is their first-ever spring practice, and kind of getting acclimated to that. I thought they transitioned really well, we were able to get some good reps. Today was a big day of communication, alignment, making sure that we were focused on the early details..”

Norvell spoke more on the day, including the performances of some new and familiar faces — you can watch the full video below.