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Head coach Mike Norvell speaks after Monday’s practice

“You should be able to go out and execute well but I like this group.”

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

FLORIDA STATEHead coach Mike Norvell addressed the media today after the second practice of spring touching on new players, veterans, and going into full pads this upcoming Wednesday.

Wednesday will mark the third practice of spring as the Seminoles look to build cohesion with the 30+ newcomers that have arrived in the offseason.

On what the team is trying to accomplish in the first few weeks of spring.

“I thought we had another good day. I thought the pace of practice was something we were really trying to push. We wanted to see an improved finish between each rep and just trying to get in that mindset of trying to focus on communication, the fundamentals of our alignments, exectuting that first step. But then, you know, we really want to see that sense of urgency to finish.”

“I thought our guys responded a little bit more than from the other day. We added some installation. Still a huge focus on the fundamental parts of it and thats going to be a big part of this spring in general. Come Wednesday, the pads will come on and we will see where that takes some of these guys who are new but I’m excited about what I’ve seen.”

On Ja’khi Douglas’ improvement switching from running back to wide receiver.

“You know, Ja’Khi, he is really growing up. He is one of those guys coming in as a true freshman that was probably forced into action in a couple different roles. He played running back, moved around into the slot and even this last year he faced a little bit of that not being at a true position. But as the season kept going on throughout all his growth and development he’s made some great plays. For the first game of the season last year he had a big play in a critical moment. I go back to the Miami game which is always one that comes to mind but his confidence when we moved him to reciever, we are very confident of what he can do there. We’ve been limiting him a little bit here and there. He’s battling a little something phsyically but I’m so excited about where he’s going.”

On the wide receiver room as a whole.

“We’re starting to look and move and perform the way you would want that group to look like. Once again, we are in helmets and you should be able to go out there and execute well. I like the group. I like the work ethic and even the newcomers, they came in and they understood the expectation and challenge. They’re still figuring out the finer details through those repititions but I like what I’m seeing.”