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FSU football: Head coach Mike Norvell talks first day in pads

“It was our best first padded practice day that I would say we’ve had here ”

FLORIDA STATE Today marked the first day in pads for the Florida State Seminoles. Head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media as he described tonight as a “ good tempo practice.” The Seminoles spent their entire practice in the IPF, focusing a lot of their time towards getting the new faces comfortable and confident.

Do you get a chance, even more so than Tour of Duty to see how guys take coaching and take coaches getting on them?

“ We want to play with pace, we want to be able to move quickly; we try to create as much of that during Tour of Duty and think we do a pretty good job at it. But, when you get physicality there’s a different sense of emotion that arises and I’ll tell you I absolutely love the way our guys were responding. For 23 newcomers, even in the moments of their reception of coaching and the way that they’re trying to apply it, I really believe it’s because of our team.”

Coach, what are your impressions with the secondary?

“ I mean a lot of competition, it’s an impressive group. Greedy made some good plays today, he’s starting to get more confident in some of the technique and fundamentals... Every day he’s going to get better and as he comes in, you’re starting to see the confidence ( Sam McCall ). I love watching those guys and how they're prepared, Demorie Tate showed up today... and we know the experience we have returning. I’m excited about what that group can be.”