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FSU football: Linemen Robert Cooper, Dillan Gibbons, Fabien Lovett talk day three of spring practice

“This is kind of a baseline, right? So from here, we have to take a step forward and make some positive changes through action.”

FLORIDA STATEThe pads came on today and the players were excited and ready for what transpired and what to look forward to for the rest of spring. They talked about coaches, newcomers, improvement, and more.

Defensive lineman Fabien Lovett

Lovett said that the practice went well but he felt the defense could’ve been better:

“It was good. It was smooth. I feel like we started off good on the defensive side but we finished kind of lazy a little bit. Well, I wouldn't say lazy but we just kind of, we didn’t finish on top in my opinion. The offense kind of took advantage of that and they finished on top. It’s all about the competition at the end of the day.”

On what he’s seen from the newcomers so far:

“We got a lot of young guys. We got Bishop (Thomas), we got Daniel (Lyons), we got Aaron Hester, we got Dante (Anderson), we got Byron Turner. Really all the young guys impressed me today honestly like since the first day, all of our young guys impressed me. Like even on the offensive side, like Trey Benson, AJ (Duffy), anybody. But I’ve really be impressed with people across the board,”

On transfer offensive lineman Kayden Lyles:

“I love him, that's my dawg. He’s a good player. I like how he attacks the ball and how he does he does his job. He’s an enforcer. Today he made a big play and I congratulated him on it. It’s all about the big plays. Not even nescciarly about the big plays It's about doing your job.”

Lovett’s full interview can be seen below:

Offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons

Gibbons says he’s very proud of his team and happy to be back out on the field.

On how the team is looking and the first day in pads:

“I am very proud of my team, again, today was the first full padded practice of spring. This is kind of a baseline, right? So from here, we have to take a step forward and make some positive changes through action. You get better one percent every day. So again, today was a good baseline, and I'm excited about the guys getting after it.”

“I’m excited to be part of this team and there is definitely progression showing right now.”

On the young defensive lineman and their approach:

“Oh yeah, those guys are getting after it. At least in my opinion a lot of young defensive linemen have an advantage over some of these younger offensive linemen coming out of high school. It's great seeing those guys get after it not only what they’re doing but the why.”

Gibbon’s interview can be seen below:

Defensive lineman Robert Cooper:

The theme for all three of the interviews seemed to be about the hard work the newcomers have put in this spring and off-season and Cooper was no different in saying that.

On what he sees in the newcomers:

“I feel like all the young guys are standing out because they’re all taking time, listening to coach Odell {Haggins) on what he has to say. Same thing I had to go through as a freshman. Just slow down, slow the game down, listen to coach Odell, and apply. That's what they're all doing and they’re progressing with it every day. I say they’re all doing good.”

On what he see’s from freshman lineman Daniel Lyons:

“So far, I see a lot of natural things out of him. you know, stuff like that. All freshmen got something to work at but I definitely see a lot coming from Daniel. Definitely a taller guy, lengthier guy so I see a lot of good things.”