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FSU practice report: News and notes ahead of Saturday scrimmage

The intensity cometh.

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida State Seminoles took to the practice fields on Thursday ahead of their second scrimmage this spring, slated for Saturday.

It was a chance for the team to bounce back — after Tuesday’s practice, head coach Mike Norvell said that it “wasn’t up to the standard he wanted to see.” On Thursday, he seemed content with the intensity the team brought this time around.

Starting off in the red zone the offense scored on multiple plays. Wide receiver Malik McClain cut into the middle of the endzone on a dig route breaking free for the catch drawing praise from the whole team.

Later on, in that period, Johnny Wilson was also able to high-point one in the same spot, this time covered. The 6’7’’ wide receiver leaped over the defender to come down with the score.

There were some interesting matchups in pass rush/pass blocking drills and one of them was defensive end Derrick McClendon and offensive tackle Bless Harris. McClendon spoke about it in his post-practice interview saying that Harris is a challenge who shows him lots of different looks and fits.

A battle of the freshman arose between offensive lineman Kanaya Charlton and defensive lineman Daniel Lyons. The standoff occurred while each player fought for ground holding their own in what seemed to be a stalemate.

Defensive back Shyheim Brown made an interception crossing the field to help out the boundary corner in man coverage. He was able to diagnose the play, get to the other side of the field and snag the ball to save what would’ve been a very big play.

Defensive back Sam McCall had two interceptions and one most notably on the last play of the day. Quarterback Tate Rodemaker who was moving the offense well saw Johnny Wilson heading to the endzone with McCall lost in coverage closing in. The ball was thrown a little low and Sam was able to seal the deal with his second pick.

The defense was hitting harder than ever and I believe came with the energy to match the explosive plays the offense was putting out. Big runs by running backs Trey Benson, C.J. Willams, and D.J. Williams (who all would’ve scored) paired nicely with big catches by Keyshawn Helton, Markeston Douglas, and Johnny Wilson. However, the day was won in the trenches and on the back end of the defense.

With some more interesting matchups (McCall and Wilson) Saturday’s scrimmage should be another competitive bout for a team fighting to get a part in the rotation.