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Does FSU football pass the eye test?

Reviewing the Florida State spring game

The Florida State spring game was divisive. Many left optimistic that the team seems to have improved, but many more left anxious about the outlook for the fall.

There are many reasons for pessimism. Firstly, the product that ACCN pushed out didn’t do a good job of framing the action on the field. Secondly, the offensive line, which has been FSU’s chief problem in these down years, still seems a few steps behind where they need to be, and thirdly, none of the quarterbacks seemed to shine in the passing game.

All of these culminated in a product that seemed disorganized and really lacked the fireworks that give comfort to the mind of casual football viewers.

However, these negatives don’t tell the full story. While there are definitely areas of concern on this team, there were some true bright spots when you zero in on individual performances.

So let's jump into the film to really tease out the real story from this spring game.