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WATCH: Alex Atkins talks spring game, position groups, leadership

“We got some good work in. We banged quite a bit. It was a real physical spring.”

Syndication: Tallahassee Wayne McGahee III/Democrat, Tallahassee Democrat via Imagn Content Services, LLC

TALLAHASSEE — Florida State offensive coordinator Alex Atkins spoke with the media on Wednesday following last weekend's Garnet and Gold Spring Game. The first-year Seminole offensive coordinator had a lot to say about leadership, improvement, expectations, and a variety of other talking points leading into summer.

Atkins on offensive line depth in the spring:

“Even though we had more bodies, you know, we were still able to get a bunch of reps. So those young guys got a bunch of reps. Guys like (Bryson) Estes got a bunch of reps. Guys that have been in the program, the Rod Orrs, the new guys, Kanaya (Charlton), Daughtry (Richardson), getting all those guys getting maximum reps was good, you know, and it lasted. We got all 15 practices out of them which was really good. Just having all that depth and competition always adds a lot of value and just more confidence honestly. They feel more confident with what we’re actually asking them to do.”

On being aggressive in the transfer portal:

“I don’t think the term is aggressive, you know? We always just try and add value to our team in the best way — talking about talent acquisition. We’ve always believed in high school recruiting — that's where we target the most and that's what we meet about the most. The portal has just become an option to number one, add more experience, and kind of plug into some places where you need some older guys. But I wouldn't say aggressive, it's just finding the best available guys to help our football team.”

On offensive lineman Thomas Shrader:

“A special shout out, Thomas had a really rough injury and for him, he had the surgery and he got operated on last spring and he was in our position meeting the very next day after surgery. We had to basically kick him out. He has not missed a meeting throughout this entire process and every meeting in the morning during the season. Anytime we had a meeting he was there. So, what I love about Thomas is that he has a tough mentality, tough mindset.”

Atkins’ full interview can be seen below: