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Watch: DC Adam Fuller, ST/DE coach John Papuchis, OC Alex Atkins discuss second scrimmage

“I really have liked our approach in how we’re going after our daily work.”

Now past the halfway point of the spring practice seasson, Florida State Seminoles football is just a week out from its annual Garnet and Gold spring game.

In anticipation of the exhibition, the team took to the FSU Indoor Practice Facility today to participate in its second scrimmage of the spring. After a low-energy, lackluster showing on Tuesday, the Seminoles responded with a productive work week that culminated with a competitive scrimage.

After the action, Florida State’s defensive coordinator Adam Fuller, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Alex Atkins and special teams coordinator and defensive ends coach John Papuchis joined the media to discuss impressions, takeaways and thoughts.

Here are excerpts, with the full interviews embedded below:

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

On defensive performance

“We’re starting to play off of each other, the communication is starting to be better. We’re playing more as a defense than as individual, good players.”

“They’re doing what we want them to do, and with a lot of energy.”

On Akeem Dent

Akeem Dent, he had two big picks today. That’s what a safety does, go and make plays. I think he’s feeling comfortable — he’s stockpiling those reps and it’s making a difference for him.”

On defensive line

“That’s where we start. It’s where we’ll put the extra number scholarship-wise, we’ve got two position coaches there for a reason.”

Offensive coordinator, offensive line coach Alex Atkins

On who is establishing themselves as leaders

“Treshan Ward, I see his passion and his energy, and he’s learned how to channel that into the team and take charge. Dillan Gibbons, every time I walk into the meeting room he’s in there...”

On offensive lineman Thomas Schrader

“I’m pleased with his progression...we’re going to keep pushing him to the limit of where they’re allowing him [healthwise]...he’s going to help us in the fall.”

On defensive end Jared Verse

“I see his high effort in every situation...I like his mentality, I like how he brings it.”

On his favorite seasons of The Wire

“The last two seasons [three and four], they just bring everything together, shows you how it’s all connected.”

Special teams coordinator, defensive ends coach John Papuchis

On drills

“I think we had 12 total punts that were full speed reps — 2 of which were full cover — and then we did 2 sky punt scenarios, where we tried to down the ball inside the 10,” says they also simulated a scaled-down kick return vs. kickoff drill

“What we’re trying to build through those drills, a confidence and an understanding of the techniques that make you successful.”

On overall high points of spring

“I really have liked our approach in how we’re going after our daily work — whatever the point of emphasis is for that day, you see a response from the players. To me, that means a high level of buy-in and belief in what we’re trying to do.”