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How does Mike Norvell structure his run game?

A breakdown of the running schemes used in Florida State Seminoles spring game

The Florida State Seminoles are beginning to resemble a typical Mike Norvell team.

Norvell’s recruiting strategy seems fairly specific. Instead of reaching for the highest star available, there seems to be a focus on guys that fit within specific roles on the roster. Wide receivers are either tall possession receivers or quick slot guys, corners are long and athletic, and defensive ends are either bigger run stuffers or twitchy pass rushers.

But one position stands out, and arguably it's the position that required the most overhaul. Whether it's Norvell or his offensive coordinator/ o-line coach Alex Atkins, there seems to be a focus on getting hard-hitting and swift-of-foot offensive linemen.

Those two traits are ideal for running gap scheme plays and outside zone.

While a lot of Atkins recruits haven’t had enough time in the program to be contributors there was still a greater emphasis on getting them moving in this spring game than in years past. So, let’s dive into the film to see how, even in a watered-down spring game, Norvell and Atkins were able to string together an expanded running game.