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What major questions can be answered in the spring game?

Where should we be putting most of our focus?

It feels like real football is just around the corner with Florida State’s spring game coming up this weekend.

Spring games look, smell, and sound like the real thing. However, they can be a dangerous time for couch quarterbacks like myself. Their small sample size can allow narratives to spawn and spiral out of control over the offseason. So before we jump in I think it is a good exercise to discuss what spring games are good for and, more importantly, where we should meter our reactions.

Common Spring Game Pitfalls.

  • One huge play means a player is going to be a Heisman contender
  • One bad play means a player should transfer to a DIII school where they might find playing time
  • Forming overall predictions on the team- any good play by the offense is inherently a bad one by the defense

Things We Can Get From the Spring Game

  • Note how freshman/transfers handle bigger and faster opponents
  • Take notes where there may be holes on the roster
  • Evaluate if SPECIFIC traits or abilities of returning players have improved

While those lists are by no means comprehensive, they give a starting point to begin framing our expectations. With those in mind, let’s jump into some film to figure out the most important questions going into the spring game.