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FSU football: Mike Norvell talks defensive strengths, spring game plan and more

“ Today, I didn’t think we were lacking any intensity ”

FLORIDA STATE — Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media following Tuesday’s practice, feeling really confident about the defense as they improve each and every day. The Noles are reaching the end of spring practice so they’ve made sure to pickup the tempo and speed of the game to put their players in game situations. There’s been incredible bright spots on the defensive front and the improvement from the defensive backs/receivers has been vital for FSU to climb back to where they want to be.

On Jammie Robinson and his improvements throughout the spring:

“ I think Jammie’s had a really good spring... You see the ownership of responsibility and when you’re a first team all conference player there’s high expectations. I’ve seen a much more mature ( Robinson ), and the growth of being in a program for two years, you know when your new sometimes your a little hesitant on what you want to say or what your going to do and you see that maturity of time within the program and the ownership of what he brings... I’m really excited about where he’s going and what he can mean to not only the defense but this football team as he continues to take those steps.”

On the defense throughout the spring and what he expects from them:

“ I think they’re playing like how we need them to play, you have a lot of production returning, I think the newcomers that we brought in are exceptional, I really do. You look at every guy that we brought in on that side, I believe is going to be a great impact and your seeing the development... We’ve talked about the defensive front a lot throughout spring practice, that has to be a stronghold for this defense... I like the energy, I like the encouragement, I like the steps that are being taken.”