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FSU football: Trey Benson, Robert Scott, Akeem Dent interviews

“I feel like you gotta be hard on yourself to try to be the best you can be.”

FLORIDA STATE - Florida State completed another spring practice with some of the standouts being Trey Benson, Jared Verse, Sydney Williams, Jammie Robinson, and Akeem Dent.

Dent got an INT towards the end of practice and him and Robinson were flying all over the field. Benson was able to have some nice explosive plays including one that would have been a house call.

RB Trey Benson

You told us before the spring that you would be 100% - now you are running around without the knee brace on. How are you feeling after 10/11 practices?

“Each and every day it gets better for me. Confidence wise, my confidence is through the roof since I have been here. So that’s a good thing.”

You talked about being more comfortable and confident every day, is there a moment in the first practice where you felt like yourself again?

“I think last scrimmage I felt like I was myself again. Making cuts on my right leg with no problem. I could not do that 5 months ago.”

Norvell has a track record for seeing success in running backs. Is there anything you feel like he does differently?

“Here it’s tempo. All they know is tempo. I gotta make sure my lungs are good because we move fast. We move fast here more than anywhere else.”

OL Robert Scott Jr.

What have you seen from Bless Harris this spring?

“Man that boy knows how to ball. In Tour of Duty I remember that I let him know how Coach Atkins was gonna be. He’s gonna be hard on us. Bless has fit right in. I can tell he works on his technique. He understands what is going on you can tell he’s played ball before.

Can you appreciate how far this offensive line has come especially in the run blocking since you have been here?

“Yah, yessir. I can tell though because Coach Atkins has MA’s (missed assignments), corrections - and at the end of the meeting he has better. I am telling you this year we have a lot of better clips than what we had in the past.”

How different is Alex Atkins the Offensive Line Coach vs the Alex Atkins Offensive Coordinator?

“He ain’t different. He is the same person as when I met him when I first got here. He is gonna challenge you. He is trying to make me the best that I can be and that is all that matters.

DB Akeem Dent

At what point did your confidence to go and get the ball, when did that start to click for you?

“Honestly that really clicked the Miami game, when I had the little forced fumble that I scooped up but they blew it dead. That is when it clicked for me.”

Coach Fuller said sometimes in the past if something bad happened you might get down on yourself. He said you don’t do that any more. How did you get over that?

“I meannn. Sorry Coach Fuller I still get down on myself. I just got better about containing it to myself and not showing it anymore. I feel like you gotta be hard on yourself to try to be the best you can be.”

Do you feel like you could play corner if they need you too?

“Yah if they need me I can play anything they need me too, besides like trenches wise.”

Has there been anything that you as an individual wanted to work on over spring?

“Yah, getting the ball. That has been my whole goal, that’s what I have been lacking on. We see how that is working out right now.”