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FSU football: News and notes from spring practice

The Noles take the field during spring game week.

Defensive back Sydney Williams and linebacker Tatum Bethune
Tommy Mire

TALLAHASSEE — The spring game is just around the corner and the Florida State Seminoles were fired up again on Tuesday. It was a competitive day where multiple times the defense was able to take a stand, and times where the offense was able to make explosive plays for scores.

Starting with takeaways, defensive back Akeem Dent seems to always be where the ball is on risky throws and he was able to add to his spring interceptions with one today. Defensive back Azareye’h Thomas was able to snag one as well in the front corner of the endzone during red-zone drills but was out of bounds coming down.

Defensive end Jared Verse couldn't stay out of the backfield stopping runs by running back Treshaun Ward and sacking quarterback Jordan Travis multiple times in 11 on 11. He continues to be a menace for an offensive line suffering bumps and bruises as spring moves into summer.

Another defensive player that stood out Tuesday and showed his ability to diagnose plays an attack is linebacker D.J. Lundy. He chased down a running back from 10 yards and saved a big play stopping it in its tracks.

Defensive back Jammie Robinson had a couple of nice pass breakups and a near interception thrown by Tate Rodemaker. He was able to get in front of Helton in the end zone causing the ball to hit Robinson in the chest and hands but he couldn't hold on. Either way head coach Mike Norvell and defensive coordinator Adam Fuller (along with teammates) celebrated with him after saving the situational drill for the defense.

The offensive line had clear difficulties in pass protection but opening seams for the running backs to squeeze through for big gains seemed to be the name of the game. Not that there weren't impressive throws by the offense which mainly sparked in the red zone. Quarterback AJ Duffy was able to hit tight end Wyatt Rector for a nice pitch and catch touchdown. Wide receiver Johnny Wilson was also able to make it into the endzone. One catch was a drop, the other was a touchdown over a mismatched DB Renardo Green. Jordan Travis was able to spot the flaw and tossed Wilson a ball where only he could get it.

A couple of running backs that stood out today were Trey Benson (rushing through the line and catching the ball) and DJ Williams who really showed his power by bulldozing through the defense in the red zone.

I believe the longest field goal of spring came from kicker Ryan Fitzgerald. The defense did force two field goals in a row in which he made both but the second one was around 50 yards to give the offense the win.