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The Triple Option: Top spring practice surprises ft. Brendan Sonnone

Who has stood out going into the spring game?

It's the beginning of the end of spring camp for Florida State. Their last practice is this afternoon with the spring game rounding things out on Saturday.

That means it's the last time we media members can control the narrative before the team is televised for all of the world to draw their own conclusions.

Here at Tomahawk Nation, we haven't slept on this opportunity. We’ve had daily practice threads, a short and sweet preview article by Coach AB, and a couple of videos that really show you what you can expect from this Saturday, but we’re not done yet.

Coach AB and I wanted one more video where we hope to get the hype train rolling on some guys that have really stood out this spring. So, we temporarily kicked out our buddy Trey Rowland and replaced him with Brendan Sonnone from Noles247, a guy that's been to all of the practices and knows this team as well as anyone.

Join us as we break down the film, talk about top standouts, and give the most comprehensive spring preview on the market.

This video was done in collaboration with Noles247 and the audio will also be released on their podcast On the Bench.