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FSU football: Mike Norvell talks breakout players, spring game format and more

“ I liked the mindset, I liked the intensity... big push on the end of spring ”

Orlando Sentinel

FLORIDA STATE — The Seminoles will take the field this Saturday at Doak Campbell Stadium for the first time since their illustrious win over Miami in November. Head coach Mike Norvell and his staff have worked with newcomers and veterans for the past two months during Tour of Duty and spring practice to prepare for the Noles for another season. For they first time in over five months, Florida State fans will be able to witness some of the newest faces, as well as the improvement of players from last season.

Following Thursday’s practice, Norvell spoke with the media to discuss the spring game and some of the players that stood out during Thursday’s practice.

On the improvement at the linebacker position:

“ You saw them flashing today, it’s a lot of the same guys they’re just grown and developed and add in Tatum to the room, Omar Graham... you see the growth and development at that position, it’s one that I’m excited about. There is a confidence and a swagger in that group that’s really starting to emerge... it all start up front... and I think that’s starting to show up.”

On Stephen Dix Jr. and the opportunity for playing time:

“ Opportunities are what are created and what are earned and I think Stephen, you know he came in his first year and played a lot of football... last year he didn’t play as much ball, but you can be like the majority of the people in the world and soak about it or you can just scrap up and go to work, that’s what Stephen’s done... I think you’re seeing flashes from his and continuing to work on the consistency of his performance but I like the growth that I’m seeing. That’s what this program’s about, it’s about growth and development, anybody can point to the situation you’re in and you can talk about what’s against you, or you can just continue to work and get better. We’re going to go pour into our players, we’re going to develop our players and as they continue to trust that process, they’re going to earn themselves that opportunity to go make an impact.”