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FSU football: OL Maurice Smith, DL Fabien Lovett interviews

“I feel like we’re not at our best, but that we are at a good spot for spring right now.”

FLORIDA STATE- The Seminoles completed their last open practice to the media before the spring game on Thursday. They spent the few first periods of practice in the practice facilities and then did some scrimmage type of goal line drills to end practice inside Doak.

OL Maurice Smith and DT Fabein Lovett both talked to the media afterwards about battling in the trenches and their impressions from spring ball.

OL Maurice Smith

Has the competition pushed you (with the new transfer Center Kayden Lyles)?

“Yah it has pushed me a lot. Helping me go the extra mile, learn plays and learning fronts - just everything. It’s helping both of us at the end of the day.”

What makes Coach Atkins different versus a typical O-Line Coach?

“Oh, Coach Atkins he is very real. He isn’t gonna sugarcoat nothing, that is what I like about him. He’s gonna say if you are garbage or not. He just keeps it real with you, you need somebody like that, always.

What makes Fabien (Lovett) so good? How does he challenge you?

“Fabien is very powerful. He is a bull rush guy, he is very strong. Him and Coop (Robert Cooper) are very strong. They helped me with a time like last year, they helped me settle down and stop the bull rush. It just helped me a lot.”

DT Fabien Lovett

It seemed like you and Coop (Robert Cooper) even when you did not have reps were going out there talking to the young guys. Why is it important for you guys to do that?
“Because at the end of the day if they play good, we play good. We can’t play 80 plays a game. We need them to be able to step when we are tired.”

You talked about the importance of depth at defensive tackle. With Malcolm and Jarrett it seems like the group has been really solid this spring. What are your thoughts on how the defensive tackle room has emerged?

“I feel like some guys are just stepping up to the plate, in the roles they should have stepped into. But I feel like it is slowly happening and it’s a process. That is why I feel like with me and Coop not doing as much today it helped the other guys to be able to step up and take over today.”

It seems like you guys have been particularly disruptive these last few days. Where do you think the defensive line is at - with a new guy like Jared Verse and guys like Derrick McLendon finally getting more opportunities?

“I feel like we’re not at our best but that we are at a good spot for spring right now. I just feel like we have a lot further to go as a group. Once fall camp starts and we get to the summer and we get guys situated in the scheme more; when they understand how to do their job and play the game better we will be good.”