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Rising Spear vs. Warpath: FSU NIL Collective Guide

A guide to Florida State’s two Name, Image and Likeness Collectives

As Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) paid opportunities become more and more entrenched within the network of college athletics, we’re seeing people and groups start to adjust and figure out best practices for moving forward in the new world.

In Florida, universities are unable to serve as a brokering party in NIL deals, leaving athletes pretty much to their own devices on figuring things out and businesses confused as to how to even go about employing the services of the students.

One of the workarounds we’ve seen emerge has been the NIL Collective, a concept that’s popped up across the country in an effort to encourage fans to take an active part in providing opportunities.

At Florida State, two have emerged: Rising Spear, headed up by former Seminole Booster Inc. board members Bob Davis and Alan Flaumenhaft, and Warpath, which is operated by Dreamfield, of which former FSU quarterback McKenzie Milton’s a part-owner.

We’ve compiled a brief overview of how each collective functions, what benefits are offered and who is associated.

Mission statement

Rising Spear

Rising Spear is intended to be a way to fund, locate and generate NIL opportunities for current FSU athletes — in theory, it’s the middleman between the students and the businesses looking to hire them, whether it’s for charity or for profit.

The organization provides a platform to create and develop NIL opportunities for FSU student-athletes in cooperation with businesses and sponsors. Rising Spear consists of two options. Garnet Spirit, is the Collective which is a not-for-profit platform creating opportunities to engage FSU student-athletes through appearance fees to help meet the needs of local communities through clinics, fundraising, community service projects and events supporting underserved communities. And Gold Standard, representing for profit opportunities supported by local and national businesses. Both options follow NIL guidelines and are totally compliant.


Warpath’s overall goal is to create a more communal sports experience, serving as a bridge between student-athletes and fans.

Warpath is the only place where FSU fans and athletes can come together for exclusive experiences in a safe and compliant way! Warpath is open to any and all FSU fans, whether you’re an alumni, born into an FSU family, or even just recently become a FSU fan! All FSU fans are welcome!

Current players associated

Rising Spear

AJ Duffy (football, ambassador), Jordan Travis (football, ambassador), Jammie Robinson (football, ambassador)


Keyshawn Helton (football), Dillan Gibbons (football, ambassador), Amari Gainer (football), Camm McDonald (football, ambassador), Skye Ekes (indoor volleyball, ambassador)

Alum associated

Rising Spear

Advisory council: Charlie Ward (football), Meghan King (softball), Derrick Brooks (football), Nicki Ekhomu (women’s basketball), Kez McCorvey (football), Jaelin Howell (soccer), Casey Weldon (football)

Ambassadors: Auden Tate (football),


McKenzie Milton (football), Lonnie Pryor (football)

Pricing options

Rising Spear

Monthly or one-time commitment

Gold Standard

One-time commitment: $25-$1000

Reoccurring: $10-500

As a member of Rising Spear Gold, you will receive exclusive opportunities to support Florida State Student Athletes through Rising Spear events featuring student athletes and alumni.

Garnet Standard

One-time commitment: $25-$1000

Reoccurring: $10-500

Donate to the Garnet Collective now! 100% of your recurring monthly donation or one-time donation will go toward supporting Florida State student athletes through rising spear. Donate to the sport of your choice


Monthly membership, varying levels

Spear: $10

General access to private events*

General access to camps and clinics*

Behind the scenes updates from the team

Spear FSU Fan Sticker + NFT

Tomahawk: $25

Early access to private events*

Early access to camps and clinics*

Behind the scenes updates from the team

Access to Discord Fan Community

Tomahawk FSU Fan Sticker + NFT

Warrior: $50

Priority access to private events*

Priority access to camps and clinics*

Behind the scenes updates from the team

Access to Discord Fan Community

Warrior FSU Fan Sticker + NFT

Renegade: $200

VIP access to private events*

VIP access to camps and clinics*

Access to exclusive quarterly events

Behind the scenes updates from the team

Access to Discord Fan Community

Access to VIP Discord Chat Rooms

Renegade FSU Fan Sticker + NFT