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WATCH: FSU’s Travis, Benson, Verse, and Pittman talk ‘22 Spring Game

Four standouts on how the team performed.

TALLAHASSEE — Wrapping up spring camp the Florida State Seminoles held their annual Garnet and Gold Spring Game on Saturday night. Quarterback Jordan Travis, defensive end Jared Verse, running back Trey Benson, and wide receiver Micah Pittman spoke with the media after the game. They talked about what it was like playing in Doak Campbell, returning from injuries, and the progression they’ve made throughout spring camp.

Jordan Travis and Trey Benson

Benson with a breakout game and Travis guiding the team, here is what Travis had to say on not being able to go full contact during spring:

“Some of those quick whistles are a little bit irritating. I kinda let it get to me earlier on in the spring but I think I’m kinda used to it now. It's all good they’re just trying to protect me. This spring has been good we came to work every day. The guys — everyone got better. That’s the most important thing is just guys coming to work every single day and their goal is to get one percent better. I think we did that this spring and we just have to keep improving.”

Travis on keeping the wide receiver room’s head up after a somewhat low performance:

“At the end of the day, it was a spring game. It was practice so I just try to remind them that this is a practice game. Obviously, we’d love them to make those catches and we gotta give them better balls on some of those throws. It is practice and we are getting better every single day.”

Benson on his phenomenal game:

“I was just out there and excited to be with my teammates. I feel like I did good but I just gotta score. On some of those runs, I gotta score but I did good.”

Benson on playing in front of his family:

“I think the last time they seen me play was actually in high school. They didn't have a chance to come down to Oregon because of COVID. So we didn’t really have time to have scrimmages we just went straight into the season. So the last time they’ve seen me play was high school but today I had fun out there with them. You know every time I went to the sideline I looked at my mom and that motivated me even more. I would’ve liked to play that second quarter but, you know, we got better today.”

The rest of the interview can be seen below:

Mycah Pittman and Jared Verse

Verse and Pittman both had great games. Verse ended the day with two sacks also blocking a field goal, Pittman was the ‘Noles top receiver.

Pittman on what it was like scoring in bulldozing fashion after coming off an injury suffered in the first quarter:

“When I get the opportunity to have the ball in my hands, that means coach has faith in me — I got the ball, I wanted to score, so I got my butt in that endzone.”

Pittman on playing in front of fans inside of Doak Campbell

“For me, it was really great. It was a great experience to be out there and to actually see some fans out there. To go out there and play and it's a blessing and a great opportunity and I just can't be more thankful to be out there on the field healthy and going out there and playing with my friends.”

Verse on what it feels like to be in Doak Campbell Stadium:

“Coming from Albany it wasn’t like as big of a stadium as it is here, you know, it's a whole different environment. You come out and everyone is screaming. Everyone is hyped up. You cant let the emotions get the best of you though.”

Verse on Trey Benson’s speed and physicality:

“Trey is just fast. Trey is just really fast. If Trey gets to the corner he is gone. Trey is one of the few people that I look at and I’m hesitant if I can catch him or not. He’s fast, he runs hard like Micah, he doesn't shy away from contact at all. If he comes down the middle he’s not gonna shy and try to do a little shake, he’s gonna run down and run hard, he stays low. But honestly, it's just his speed. That kid is fast.”

The rest of the interview can be seen below: