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Offensive line transfer D’Mitri Emmanuel speaks on FSU, coach Atkins and more

Noles add instant impact player

FLORIDA STATE — The Seminoles recently added graduate transfer D’Mitri Emmanuel to an offensive line that’s continuing to build piece by piece. Emmanuel’s experience and versatility should make him an immediate impact player for offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Alex Atkins. He’s earned starting snaps at left tackle, right tackle and left guard so Atkins has the ability to shift the offensive line wherever the puzzle fits best.

Emmanuel started 24 consecutive games for the Charlotte 49ers, 12 of which came under coach Atkins who perviously coached the o-line for the 49ers. He’s earned third team All-Conference USA, and has helped lead the team to the fifth ranked NCAA time of possession and a school record for average rushing offense in a season.

Here’s the full interview with the Charlotte OL transfer:

On the decision to transfer to Florida State

“ Really for me I was just looking to be challenged, and come to a program that has a lot of tradition.”

On his relationship with coach Atkins

“ My first impressions of coach Atkins, I honestly just saw how real he was... He’s a guy that’s going to push you on the field and then off the field because he really cares for you... I’ve had six offensive line coaches in Charlotte so just coming back to a coach that I’m familiar with, this being my last year just made sense for me.”

On reaching out to any current FSU players before making his decision

“ Yeah, so I spoke to Devontay Love-Taylor, just a little bit earlier in the process of the transfer portal. He was a guy that came from Conference USA and made the transition to the ACC. That was really probably the main person that I reached out to.”

On his thoughts of FSU before committing

“ I used to just watch it on T.V., obviously Florida State is a program that’s been winning for a long time. Just naturally you see them on T.V., I wasn’t too familiar with a lot of the stuff that goes on here, but when you just come to Florida State campus, you just get the feel that they love football here.”

On his preferred position on the offensive line

“ Honestly there’s not really a spot I prefer, I love offensive line. I think it’s honestly a skill, it’s a craft, and I really love playing any position. Wherever I need to be to help the team win is where I’ll probably play at.”

On what he brings to Florida State

“ I think FSU is going to get some leadership out of me... Offensive line, like it’s a developmental position, often times especially when I was a young player you make mistakes, you have to make those mistakes to grow, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career, I’ve learned from them. I would say my pass protection has probably been a strength from my game, and areas of improvement overall just finishing plays and extending blocks.”