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TN Member Memories: Bass fishing and beating Notre Dame

“The very next morning, I caught a bass off that very same porch and life was good.”

Notre Dame v Florida State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Passing through time it’s obvious that the real Florida State Seminole fans don’t just come and go.

Ask anyone who has been around Florida State over the past 40+ years, and they will tell you there is something remarkable about FSU and Tallahassee.

From the people you meet, the things you observe, and the type of characters it attracts, even if you can’t put a finger on what makes FSU unique, it is still there.

Tomahawk Nation has been gathering a collection of memories from fans, old and new, big and small, through all walks of life, to share their stories from their experiences in Tallahassee, and from being a Seminole fan.

Next up in our Tomahawk Nation Member Memories series, TN reader Oldschoolnole76 shares his personal memories from what he was doing while the Florida State Seminoles were winning their 23rd straight game in a row by beating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Doak.


Like many other old school Noles, I started rooting for the Seminoles soon after Bobby Bowden arrived in 1976. I bled Garnet and Gold so much that all but one of my four brothers got covered up becoming fans, along with 2 sons, and 2 grandchildren.

I never missed a game and went to my fair share of FSU away games.

In 2014, it seemed like Jameis Winston was pulling out one cliffhanger after another. I decided to take my wife to a lodge deep into the north Georgia woods the weekend of October 18th for a well deserved getaway. I knew the Noles were scheduled to play the Irish and figured I’d watch it on a local TV.

Except there were no TV’s at this lodge.

OK, I’ll listen to it on the radio. Only problem was WIFI was spotty and at best in and out.

The only way I could get a decent reception was to go outside on the porch and sit out there with my phone trying to listen to Gene Deckerhoff’s and William Floyds voices cackling in and out.

A pic of the lodge cabins where you can fish off the porch, and also get eaten alive at night while trying to listen to the Noles!

To make matters worse, the mosquitos were big enough to do you know what to a chicken, and they were dive bombing me ferociously, feeding and siphoning out my precious Garnet & Gold blood.

This game went back and forth with the Irish clearly outplaying the Noles.

It was an exciting evening full of ups and downs, ins and outs. It reminded me of the old days when radio was the only option before the Seminoles became popular for television broadcast.

In the end because of a controversial call that went the Noles way, an interception in the end zone secured another nail biter for the good guys, 31-27 and kept the Noles undefeated streak alive.

Notre Dame v Florida State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

After watching Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson throw an apparent 2-yard, go-ahead touchdown pass with 13 seconds to play here on Saturday night, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston had only one thought.

“There’s [13] seconds,” Winston said. “They gave us too much time.”

Turns out he didn’t need it.

Offensive pass interference wiped out the touchdown and, on fourth-and-goal from the 18, Golson was hit and threw an interception to FSU’s Jacob Pugh.

Notre Dame v Florida State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

This was just another great example of Jameis Winston’s competitive will to win, and I like to think it was the very beginning of the end for Brian Kelly’s tenure in South Bend.

The very next morning I caught a bass off that very same porch, and life was good because the Noles won and were still undefeated, had won their 23rd game in a row, and would go on to make the NCAA playoffs.

Posted by Oldschoolnole76


I would like to thank Oldschoolnole76 for his contribution to the TN Member Memories series and for sharing his experiences with the Tomahawk Nation Community.

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