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FSU newcomers speak with the media

A chance to hear some of the new class of 2022.

FLORIDA STATE — Transfers and newcomers are set to speak with the media today at noon.

A stellar lineup is in store that includes offensive linemen Julian Armella, Jaylen Early, Qae’shon Sapp, Jazston Turnetine, and Antavious Woody, alongside defensive lineman Ayobami Tifase and tight end Jerrale Powers.

The last-minute additions of Turnetine and Tifase put a stamp on a 20th-ranked recruiting class for 2022 adding to both fronts which have been in question throughout recent years and have had major upgrades coming from the portal and the high school ranks.

If you want to know what all of the newcomers have to say about why they chose FSU, their opinion on rebuilding the program, what they see in the coaching staff, teammates, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Julian Armella

Armella on why he chose FSU:

“I wanted to be part of something to change the culture. It wasn’t going to be handed to you. The biggest thing about everything, is that everybody is onboard. Everybody wants the same goal.”

On relationship with HC Mike Norvell, OC/OL Coach Alex Atkins:

“That real communication, that real love — that’s what drove me to Florida State.”

On being a legacy player:

“Honestly I know I have ties with my family and stuff like that but my main goal and objective was that I wanted to create my own legacy. I wanted to make sure that me and the guys will forever be imprinted and will forever have a mark at Florida State for the years that we are here.“

Jaylen Early

On offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Alex Atkins:

“Me and coach Atkins go back around like April of my sophomore year and yeah coach Atkins has been the same with me ever since I met him. He’s the same person here. Like, you know, I really respect him. He’s the most honest coach. (He’s) The most respected coach ever. I honestly have never met a coach like him.”

On what its like being in such a big offensive line class:

“Oh it’s a brotherhood. We’ve been talking when we were all committed thats when we all got close. We all be texting, you know, we have like a little group chat or whatever. We all talk. We all just pick each other up, build each other. We help each other out, you know, coach other so it's always a brotherhood.”

Ayobami Tifase

On his recruiting process and what it was like:

“I mean that process has been an amazing process. I mean for it to be expedited that fast and for me to become a part of a family that fast and really just learn my place in here its been an amazing process. I came here and I’ve already made some very strong connections with the football players and I’ve been entitled to alot and its what I like because I want to hold responsibilities as a young person myself.”

On what made him choose Florida State:

“The people. The people were amazing — the tradition in Tallahassee is amazing.”

Jerrale Powers

On his game as a TE/WR:

“I feel like, I bring like, someone who don’t just block but also doesn’t just run routes. I can learn how to do both very very good. (I’m) Just more faster and more physical. I just feel like with me playing receiver in HS and me now playing TE it helps when I combine the two. It helps a lot.“

When asked about who he molds his game after:

“I would say two (players). Maybe Travis Kelce or Kyle Pitts.”

Jazston Turentine

When asked about transferring:

“The transfer process was pretty hectic I’m not gonna lie. It’s just when I finally chose Tallahassee it was more out of the love and the specifics as far as ball”

On what he has to prove:

“I’m proving it to myself. You are facing yourself so I am not really proving anything to anyone. It’s more like I’m here now. It’s me versus me.”

On coach Atkins:

“I saw that coach Atkins had a very good repertoire to give me and I had a lot of tools to pick from he has his eyes on strengths but he also had his eyes on weaknesses.”

Antavious Woody

On coming to FSU

“Once you get here you go through the process of being an athlete and then coming together with the rest of the guys, they don’t want to see nobody fail so they’re gonna push you to your excellent limit.”

On the support from the team and staff:

“The support was real good — it wasn’t just the staff, it was also the players.”

Qae’Shon Sapp

On why he chose to come to Florida State an play for Alex Atkins:

“The reason i chose to play for coach Atkins...his players are his kids, he’s more responsible to them because he treats them as one of their own. He’s somebody I can look up to, reach out to when there’s problems, adversity.”

On his recruitment process:

“It’s kind of strange how Coach Atkins recruited me. I was looking forward to getting a scholarship from Florida State for day, I texted Coach Atkins, and I didn’t think it was actually him because he was not talking like it was a coach, but he let me know, I’m going to keep it 100 with you, I’ll always be coaching you showed me he was really respectful of me. Every time he calls me, it’s never about football, it’s how my personal life is going, and how my next week is.”