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Up Close with Tomahawk: Meet the real LastNoleofKrypton

Introducing you to the Tomahawk Nation staff, one-by-one

Here at Tomahawk Nation, we are very lucky to have ourselves a fine group of learned people who are able to help shape, produce, and elevate the content we put out here as we cover all of the Florida State athletics.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that there’s a human behind the words — we’re here to fix that.

Each week, we’ll be giving some insight into the people that make TN’s engine purr.

Up next in our TN staff members Q & A, the Smithy from Brick City, the Bender of Tomahawk Nation, the always unfiltered, LastNoleofKrypton.

What was it about FSU that attracted you to follow FSU football and the other Nole sports as closely as you do?

In North Jersey, nobody really cared about college football (most still don’t now).

My most vivid memory as a young college football fan is Ward to Dunn,

But I didn’t start religiously watching FSU until the advent of Peter Warrick.

Here’s this guy breaking every possible ankle on the field, and then you have this bad-ass mascot throwing a flaming spear into the ground at the beginning of every game.

Eight-year-old me became hooked and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I didn’t start following the other sports as closely as I do until I got to high school.

Again, growing up in Jersey during the 90s nobody really cared about college sports, but I when I went to boarding school in Virginia, and everyone that was from Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee, were all basically giving me the stank face for rooting for multiple teams from multiple schools.

(Don’t kill the messenger, but if FSU didn’t exist I’d probably be a UCLA fan).

So basically, I said I choose FSU because I don’t care if the other sports are not as good, but I’m not giving up FSU football. This was around 2004.

Who is your all-time favorite FSU football player?

My favorite all-time FSU player prior to 2014 was Peter Warrick.

My favorite all-time FSU player now is Dalvin Cook.

My list of favorites goes Dalvin, Jameis, Peter, in that order for me. The things Dalvin did were otherworldly.

As of June 25th, 2022, I’ve never seen a running back cut across the field laterally the way he did vs. USF and not lose speed or balance.

Dalvin was different.

Which Seminole highlight makes you the happiest when you watch it?

My words won’t do it justice but Jeff Cameron’s words most certainly did.

What was your course of study in college and what is your current occupation?

I studied Macroeconomics and Studio Art at Williams College.

Go Ephs!

Currently I am the Leasing Supervisor of the Section 8 Division at the Newark Housing Authority by way of contract. My parent company is a company called CVR associates. Long story short; we work in affordable housing. (Kind of a pointed topic these days)

What is your favorite non-football FSU sports moment?

Trent Forrest birthing multiple sons from Louisville at the Tuck.

It’s a good thing Trent is entering year 3 in the NBA cause that child support has to hit like a mac truck. Jessie Warren’s catch at the World Series is also a personal favorite.

What is your favorite non-FSU sports moment?

My favorite non-FSU sports moment for my favorite team is Aaron Rodgers hoisting the Lombardi in 2011.

What’s crazy about that game is that the Packers WRs had like 8 drops; they should’ve put 45 on that Steelers defense.

My favorite sports moment that is not related to any of my favorite sports team is Usain Bolt’s performance at the ‘09 World Championships in Berlin. I’m also kind of track and field Junkie and to this day that is still the most dominating performance by an athlete that I’ve witnessed

If it couldn’t be FSU, which college team would you root for?

UCLA; I like the 8-clap.

Which pro teams are you a fan of, if any?

Green Bay Packers-Everyone was a Cowboys fan in the 90s; so I decided to be contrarian and root for the team that the Cowboys kept beating during the 90s. That’s it.

NY Yankees-Played baseball when I was younger and I refuse to be a Mets fan.

NJ Devils-Extremely casual; the live games are fun

BK Nets-Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn were two of my favorite players growing up; I’ve also been to a couple of games.

NY Liberty-Teresa Witherspoon had a mean crossover and the coldest braids of the 90s.

If you could’ve played for FSU, what position would you have played and what number would you have worn?

I would’ve played Right Tackle and my number would’ve been 77.

Tell Tomahawk Nation something unique about yourself?

Ok this one’s easy.

During my senior of HS, the last third of the year was completely not related to academics at all. Seriously we took no classes, and it’s called Senior Seminar.

I spent my last three months of high school volunteering with the Alexandria, Virginia Fire Department, and that was awesome.

Something else that’s unique about me is my first name Syvad. This is my father’s last name spelled backwards Davis.

Now you may immediately realize that there’s no ‘y’ in Davis and you’d be correct, but my father insisted that all his children have a y in their name like his, so there you go.

I would like to thank LastNoleofKrypton for his contributions to Tomahawk Nation over the years and for sharing his FSU experiences with the Tomahawk Nation Community.

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