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Seminoles Study: Wide receiver Malik McClain

He has all the right developmental cues to be that next playmaker.

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

As we head into the summer months, Tomahawk Nation is profiling players and coaches from Florida State to give greater insight into the team.

FLORIDA STATE — Diving into the depths of the current offseason, some football fans were able to come up for a breath of fresh air now that camps have started and the recruiting season is well underway.

Aside from what a certain ex-Noles 7-11 reporter might have implied, here at Tomahawk Nation, the wheels keep turning and the bills keep getting paid. Excuse me if it reads like I’m talking through a snorkel - I’ve learned from the best.

Today, we will take a splash into one of the more promising and exciting wideouts on the roster.

At 6’4 and weighing 210 lbs., sophomore Malik McClain out of IMG Academy has shown development and a considerable amount of muscle growth throughout the past off-season and this spring.

The sight of an outstretched Malik falling into the end zone with a touchdown catch should start to become more familiar as the 2022 season progresses given the other huge targets coach Norvell has recruited to take away defensive double teams.

2021 Stats

Appearing in 12 games and starting in nine, McClain amassed 190 yards through the air along with two touchdowns. His best game came against NC State where he tied his career-high numbers against Louisville; three catches and 23-yards. These numbers aren't as important to success as his development is in becoming an outside guy with big blocking ability and big hands. There are massive compliments to the wide receiver room and Malik McClain is one of them.

Reception Yards 51 — 10/23/2021 Massachusetts

Receiving Touchdowns 1 — 11/20/2021 Boston College

Longest Reception 51 — 10/23/2021 Massachusetts

Watch out for crossing routes and bulldozer blocks as this young playmaker develops.

Stay tuned for breakdowns, player insights, interviews, and perspectives in the coming days. Ben detailed the back end of the defense earlier this week and wrote about how and why that position should be a strength in 2022: