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Big Man Big Heart extends helping hand to teammate’s family

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FLORIDA STATE — Early in the NIL era Florida State offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons started a coalition called Big Man Big Heart and in doing so, became one of the first players to use his Name, Image, and Likeness to help benefit others instead of himself. His famous #TakeTimothytoTally started off by helping his long-time friend and family travel to Tallahassee for a game and further went into successfully helping Timothy pay his medical bills associated with a condition known as VACTERL. That initiative is still going strong.

Fast forward a year and Gibbons along with quarterback Jordan Travis have teamed up and are looking to support fellow teammate Greedy Vance and his family who sustained catastrophic damages to their home last September from Hurricane Ida.

From their description:

When Hurricane Ida hit, Vance’s family home sustained flood and wind damage that left the floors and drywall in ruins and destroyed the screened porch and roof. Vance’s Mom, Aniqua, a single Mom who works for the New Orleans Sheriffs’ Office, called her insurance company for help. After several months, they sent out a team of disaster mitigation specialists who began the process of tearing out all of the soaked and moldy drywall, carpeting, and other contents of the home that were destroyed.

Vance’s mom has been borrowing money for help and has worked her way through a portion of the repairs but it seems the light at the end is almost twice as far as the distance they’ve already traveled.

Big Man Big Heart: Help Greedy Vance’s family in a time of need.

Not to detract from the situation but these initiatives peel back a layer into not only the nature of the players FSU has on the roster but the culture and family that everyone talks about when mentioning Florida State in the Mike Norvell era.

Vance transferred in from Louisville the last offseason and in just that short amount of time, he has been welcomed in with open arms. If locker room building has been one of your gripes these past few years then this should only show proof of the change that is going on behind closed doors.