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Mike Norvell reviews summer, previews 2022 fall camp

“The expectations are to be our best.”

FLORIDA STATE — Head Mike Norvell spoke with the media today to review the summer and preview fall camp which starts tomorrow. Overall he seemed proud of the team and what they’ve accomplished and after praising his off-field staff he opened the press conference saying as much:

“I’m so proud of the work they put in. We talk about that work as being a defining quality of their approach, the mindset - they knew it was gonna be a challenge, they knew it was going to be a difficult summer”

“I thought they answered the call every day.”

When he was asked about the newcomers and how they’ve approached the work he named a few names but talked about offensive lineman Julian Armella and what he looked like arriving on campus.

“Julian Armella came in the way you desired every high school transfer or whoever to come in and approach the work in the summer. I’m excited about what he’s going to be.”

“We’re excited about the guys we have and we’re excited about the guys coming in who are pushing to establish their role and what that means for the team - the competitive urgency is definitely there.”

FSU’s offensive line coach Alex Atkins was promoted to offensive coordinator this past off-season — when Norvell was asked how that would change things offensivel, he said it won’t.

“Alex Atkins has done a remarkable job since January helping implement and put his stamp with his great leadership style and quality of player. They believe in the man. They believe in the leader.”

To close out the media conference Norvell answered “Family” to describe the 2022 team in one word:

“When you look at this team it comes down to work and it comes down to relationships and you see a team that embraces each other.”

The full press conference can be seen below: