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Interview: Mike Norvell speaks after first fall practice

“We got good work, really pushed them in a lot of areas.”

TALLAHASSEE — Florida State Seminoles football returned to the Dunlap Practice Facility on Wednesday, July 27 for the first day of fall practice.

“Day one, thought it was good to get back out,” head coach Mike Norvell said. “We really had a lot of work in the summer — I thought we were able to get some very beneficial work. we were very aggressive with our first day of install. For some of those young guys it was moving quick for em, but all in all, there was a lot of good signs that showed up.”

After practice, he met with the media to discuss impressions and takeaways from the first day of camp, touching on individual players as well as the overall effort and execution of the team.

“We got good work, really pushed them in a lot of areas. Looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow after meetings tonight and cleaning some things up.”

You can hear all of Norvell’s thoughts on the Seminoles’ first day back out on the field below: