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FSU football: Sights and sounds, July 27

Back at it.

TALLAHASSEE — Florida State Seminoles football kicked off fall camp on Wednesday, July 27, taking the field for the first time in anticipation of the Seminoles’ Week 0 season opener vs. Duquesne.

FSU, since the conclusion of spring, has either had player-run practices or team-sponsored workouts and head coach Mike Norvell recognized the effort of the team in putting in the work to prepare.

“We talk about that work as being a defining quality of their approach, the mindset - they knew it was gonna be a challenge, they knew it was going to be a difficult summer,” Norvell said Tuesday.

“I thought they answered the call every day.”

The Seminoles competed for a chance to further answer that call running through situational drills and getting accustomed once more to the grind of college football.

You can catch sights and sounds from the portion of practice available to media below:

We’ll also have news and notes from today, in addition to player and coach interviews.