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Interview: Tony Tokarz talks QB development

Newly hired quarterbacks coach talks second day of practice

FLORIDA STATE — Newly hired quarterbacks coach spoke with the media today after Florida State Seminoles football wrapped up its second practice of the spring.

He spoke mostly about starting quarterback Jordan Travis and touched on newcomer AJ Duffy’s development and how having a full spring did wonders for the true freshman.

On how Travis has performed so far in fall camp:

“Jordan’s been, I mean the growth, he’s already shown int two practices, it’s been encouraging this past offseason, just the steps that he’s taken with his mind, his body, as a leader, taking ownership of what we’re doing on, not just only on offense, but, but the team as a whole.”

“You start with the leadership standpoint. I mean, he’s a kid that has been athletic, he’s always been explosive. He has those God-given things. Right now, he’s working on those two. But as he’s put in the work, he’s built the confidence, that’s given him the confidence to go out and lead others, and that’s where I think he’s really grown.”

“You see him, he’s, he’s a lot more settled in the pocket going through progressions.”

On newcomer AJ Duffy

“I mean him coming in through the spring, you go through the ups and downs still, he’s still, he’s still a freshman, right? But again, it’s the, it’s the consistency. It’s an incremental growth day by day.”

On the response from day one to day two:

“I mean, you see guys yesterday, first practice out, I mean battling the elements a little bit, guys get a little bit of fatigue. You also have some of that nervous energy built up and everything too. So it’s easy to just lose focus at times and then you have to re-engage the game. But I mean, your body starts to feel that too. And then today you saw some more consistent play from guys and guys responded, in the run game and the pass game, you know, guys willing to do the dirty work.”

His full interview can be seen below: