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Up Close with Tomahawk: Meet the real Jon Marchant

Introducing you to the Tomahawk Nation staff, one-by-one

Here at Tomahawk Nation, we’re lucky to have ourselves a fine group of learned people who are able to help shape, produce and elevate the content we put out here covering Florida State athletics.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that there’s a human behind the words — we’re here to fix that. Each week, we’ll be giving some insight into the people that make TN’s engine purr.

Up next, one of our very well-respected Tomahawk Nation writers and podcaster, Lily’s father, the former Marchant Warchant, our own Jon Marchant.

What was the deciding factor in your decision to attend FSU in Tallahassee?

It wasn’t really anything I decided, it was fate that decided for me.

Nearly all of my friends and classmates in high school opted for early decision to UF, or at least it felt that way. At the time I didn’t know what I wanted for my future education-wise and I was more of an NFL guy, so college fandom had no influence. But I did know myself enough to know that getting locked into one decision anywhere wasn’t for me (irony!).

From what I remember, I applied to FSU and was trying to apply to UF but had issues with UF receiving my SAT scores. After about the third time I had sent them, I distinctly remember finding my SAT scores somewhere in the bowels of UF’s website, called them again right then and there, only to be told they still had no record of receiving them. After that phone call I literally threw my half-finished UF application in the garbage haha.

I was accepted to FSU shortly afterward and that was that. Actually, I also ended up marrying a woman who had thrown her UF application (and a Gator shirt) into the family’s lit fireplace in front of her Gator alumni dad. Like I said, fate.

What was it about FSU that attracted you to follow FSU football/recruiting, and the other sports, as closely as you do?

The grand scope of it all. My love for FSU and football is a story of evolution.

  • From growing up watching the NFL with my dad,
  • to the Ohio State v. Miami national title game,
  • to my high school’s football team going to the State title game my senior year with the game played in a mostly empty Doak Campbell Stadium,
  • to going to my first actual college football game in that same stadium months later,
  • to the on-campus debate of whether Chris Rix was #actuallygood or #actuallybad,
  • to being at the baseball game in person where Buster Posey played every position,
  • to borrowing a friend’s Warchant account,
  • and finally, discovering the revelation that was and is Tomahawk Nation.

I have always wanted to learn more and know more about football. These days I’m not nearly as into recruiting as I was when I was a student or recent alumnus, but my love for the X’s and O’s of the sport has never been deeper.

Who is your all-time favorite FSU football player?

I’m also a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, so I have to go with Derrick Brooks. Redefined the weakside LB position and is one of the greatest to ever do it. I’m pretty sure I still have his jersey in a box somewhere around here.

Which Seminole highlight makes you the happiest when you watch it?

The Youtube video of the 2013 FSU-Clemson game with Jeff Cameron’s voiceover. Still get chills when I watch it.

Which was the most memorable FSU game you witnessed live, at Doak or elsewhere as a visitor?

Haha I can’t pick one most memorable game. For me it’s more like most memorable moments.

  • Seeing Calvin Johnson when GT played FSU in 2003.
  • Watching Leon Washington’s runs, catches, and punt/kick returns.
  • A few of my college roommates getting painted up for a game in Doak and later making the cover of Sports Illustrated.
  • Clint Trickett’s pass to Rashad Greene vs Oklahoma.
  • The first quarter of that 2013 NC State game.
  • Jameis Winston’s second half against Notre Dame in 2014.
  • Jalen Ramsey nearly singlehandedly beating Miami in Miami in 2014.

I’ve seen some good times.

What was your major at FSU and what is your current occupation?

I never went to an advisor and took a ridiculous number of classes, haha.

In the end I double-majored in Political Science and Social Science, though that Social Science is one foreign language requirement away from being International Affairs, and also one class away from being Economics. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am currently the Permit and Business Tax supervisor for the City of West Palm Beach’s Building Department.

What was your favorite spot on campus when you were a student?

Depends on the year! As a freshman I lived on the 10th floor of Kellum Hall, and it was insane, haha. Movies at the SLB. Food at the union.

What is your favorite non-football FSU sports moment?

Before Leonard Hamilton took FSU’s Men’s Basketball team to near the top of the sport, I remember watching FSU and North Carolina in 2009 from the nosebleeds in the Civic Center and FSU giving Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough and the #5 Tarheels all they could handle.

And even though the ’Noles lost in a heartbreaker, that place was electric and some of the most fun I’ve ever had at an FSU basketball game. And to me, proved that with the right resources Ham could make FSU a power. Honorable mention to Jessie Warren’s catch and FSU’s Softball title run.

What is your favorite non-FSU sports moment?

The Bucs’ Super Bowl win in 2003.

If it couldn’t be FSU, which college team would you root for?

Hmm...I enjoy watching lots of college programs, but I can’t see myself rooting for anyone else. It would be easier to list off all the teams I would definitely not root for.

Which pro teams are you a fan of, if any?

Obviously, the Bucs, also the Tampa Bay Lightning. I’ll casually follow the Miami Heat and the San Francisco 49ers (I was originally a 9ers fan since I was born in northern Nevada).

If you could’ve played for FSU, what position would you have played and what number would you have worn?

I’m too short to have played football, but if I wasn’t I would have loved to play quarterback and if not that, definitely linebacker/corner/safety.

Even with backyard football in the neighborhood growing up I never hesitated to tackle people a lot bigger than me or playing organized youth soccer throw my body around to make a play. I’d probably pick a number no one else would want. Like 8, or 39, or 46 or something.

I would like to thank Jon for his contributions to Tomahawk Nation over the years and for sharing his FSU experiences with the Tomahawk Nation Community.

Please follow Jon on Twitter Jon @pupperstate

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