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2022 Schedule preview: Miami Hurricanes

Seriously, we really don’t like the color orange

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

“We’re back! We’re back! We’re back! Oh thank you Mr. Ruiz, how we love you so m——”

But in all seriousness, it’s Miami's turn in the 2022 schedule preview. Here come the Hurricanes with a brand new coaching staff and other “amenities” to tell everyone how elite they’re about to be. Miami fired Manny Diaz in the off-season after losing to FSU famously:

It was the most embarrassing hiring process of the entire offseason. It was completely devoid of professionalism. Imagine getting a divorce and being forced to show up at the family reunion like everything was sweet and you totally, 100% don’t hate the mess out of your spouse. Then you have to spew and lie and bloviate to your spouse’s family members and friends that you’ve never met and you legitimately will not care about in four weeks on how wonderful that person is and how they should totally come visit and see the magnanimous brilliance of said spouse. That’s what it was like forcing Manny Diaz to recruit for Miami after the season ended.

Yet it happened and It only took a couple of months later for Mario to actually fill out his staff but off-season wise things are rolling a little bit in Coral Gables. They’re recruiting very well and Mario has that new coach smell that has the fanbase and more importantly the boosters buying in.

The key for the Hurricanes will be if Mario’s famous recruiting prowess can finally be matched by on-field competency and if Miami can rebuild an OL and DL that disappointed last season. Do I need to post JJ turning Miami’s RT into a ballerina again? No, but I’m going to anyway:

It’s Mario’s first year but expectations are heavy. As the most talented team in the coastal with a star quarterback returning and the rest of the division taking a step back expectations are high in Coral Gables.

Can Miami win the coastal for the first time since 2017? We shall see.

/End Trash Talk

Opponent: Miami Hurricanes

Location: Hard Rock Stadium

Date: Saturday, November 5th

Names to know

Tyler Van Dyke: Quarterback

I’ve got nothing bad to say about the kid he’s a total stud. FSU picked him off twice, tattooed him multiple times and he still had enough left in the tank to almost lead Miami to victory last year. Almost 3,000 yards and 25 TDs in ten games started last year. He’s a Heisman candidate.

Jaylan Knighton: Running back

At one point committed to FSU once Florida State fired Willie Taggart he decided to stay home and not risk the unknown. 840 all-purpose yards in 2021 talent isn’t the issue focus and discipline is; is he ready for the next step?

James Williams: Safety

Maybe the freakiest athlete that Miami has had in a very long time. Physically reminiscent of former FSU safety Pat Watkins but a lot more talented; if he’s on the field Miami is better on the back end. Plain and simple.

Will Mallory: Tight End

Tyler Van Dyke’s safety blanket caught 30 balls last year for 347 yards and 4 TDs; with Miami replacing a few receivers his reliability will be key early for the Hurricanes and could lead to him being a Mackey Award candidate.

Florida State Seminoles vs. Miami Hurricanes Prediction:

Best case scenario?

FSU dominates Miami in the trenches keeping Tyler Van Dyke on the sidelines while a defensive line that’s grown up all season harasses him for 60 minutes. Last year FSU was up 20-7 out the half before letting Miami climb back into it and take the lead; this year FSU learn from its mistakes and finishes the job with an improved offensive line and a veteran quarterback making all the right decisions.

Jordan gives Miami fans nightmares of Christian Ponder in ‘06 as he runs up, through, and around Miami’s defense to a solid victory over the canes.

Worst case scenario?

Miami stacks the box and FSU’s receivers aren’t up to speed to make the quick game and middle of field passing concepts work. FSU turns it over a few times and gives Tyler Van Dyke and the Hurricanes too many short field to score on leading to a momentum carrying win over the Seminoles for Mario Cristobal in his first season as head man.

Realistic prediction?

Miami wins a close battle over FSU at home. Despite the bye, the five-week stretch of Louisville, BC, Wake, NC State, and Clemson hurts FSU’s depth too much to close out the victory over the young but talented Hurricanes led by the best player on the field; Tyler Van Dyke.