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Seminole Wrap: FSU to the SEC? Big Ten? or Pac-12 plus ACC merger?

What’s Florida State’s best path forward in conference realignment?

The college sports landscape appears to be on the verge of another major shift in conference realignment after the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins made the leap from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten just a year after the SEC gutted the Big 12 in grabbing Texas and Oklahoma.

The SEC is paying out members $54 million, the Big Ten (before adding USC and UCLA) is projected to be able to give members $62 million by 2024. The ACC remains the one conference standing still as the world spins around it.

So, in response, are they looking to add other teams? Does the rumored football pact with the Pac-12 make sense for the ACC? Should Florida State consider an evacuation? Is it even fiscally possible or probable to depart for the SEC or B1G? Who could come with them if they do leave?

And beyond that — where’s the most logical new home for FSU? The SEC makes the most sense on a surface level — geography and money, namely — but is there something to be said about being top dog in the south in a new Big Ten?

Host Brian Pellerin and site leader Perry Kostidakis talk through all the possible scenarios for Florida State, the conferences — ACC, Pac-12, SEC, and Big Ten — in deciding their next move, and the other teams that could be involved in realigning the college sports landscape as well as the impacts it will have on revenue and potential recruiting for the university.

Let us know in the comments what you think.

Should FSU consider a change? Would you welcome the change or are you happy with the status quo?