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Three observations, takeaways from day 12 of fall camp

Devastating news on the offensive line, Travis back in action, wide receiver emerging

Tommy Mire — Tomahawk Nation

FLORIDA STATE — Today marked the last day of practice in Tallahassee this week as the Seminoles prepare for a road trip to the University of North Florida for the next couple of days. The team will return on Saturday for a closed scrimmage and then a day off Sunday in the film room.

The offense looked pretty clean with quarterback Jordan Travis back at the helm of things but the improvements made by the two guys behind him were still there and very important to build quality depth and quarterbacks for the future.

The defense had a few big plays. Defensive back Jarrion Jones forced a fumble subsequently recovered by Jarques McClellion.

Jordan Travis has incredible day

Quarterback Jordan Travis had one of the best days yet of practice this preseason — which is saying something, because as head coach Mike Norvell mentioned on Wednesday, “I don’t know if he has had a bad day throughout fall camp.”

Travis started off with a big pass to wideout Mycah Pittman. Pittman and McClain both had great days moving drives to the red zone allowing points.

*Defensive lineman Jarret Jackson and Joshua Farmer were able to bring pressure early on in the series until the pass to Pittman.

He was able to showcase his mobility on one touchdown to Keyshawn Helton by rolling out of the pocket taking it up to the line of scrimmage and throwing a dart (it was a little low) to Helton for a score.

Quarterbacks AJ Duffy and Tate Rodemaker both had good reps today but there was one throw that stood out in particular with Duffy.

Duffy went through his progressions diagnosing the defense and on his third read, he decided to throw the ball well before the receiver was there to catch it. The pass was timed perfectly to Kentron Poitier and right in his catch zone as he spun around and came down with the grab. This wasn't a major play in the drive but it is good to see that level of consistency when it comes to timing throws from him.

Offensive lineman Kayden Lyles out for the season

Coach Norvell mentioned today in his post-practice interview that Lyles will miss the remainder of the season with an undisclosed injury. Lyles had been limited for a few practices and the news came earlier this week that he would be sitting out. With that injury, it is a major hit to the depth chart as he was expected to contribute this season.

Luckily, they have players cross-trained and some depth behind the center position but these are the types of injuries that hurt the most. An opportunity is now open for some guys to step up and fill the void.

Wide receiver Johnny Wilson’s good practices stacking up

Moving through spring there were a few question marks with Wilson who really only showed flashes at times. Now that the Seminoles are at the tail end of their fall camp it is safe to say that his improvement has become tangible.

One of the best catches of the game was by Wilson from Travis. Wilson was mismatched with defensive back Renardo Green and as the play progressed and he broke away, you could hear a loud “ooooh” from the defensive sidelines.

Wilson had about three steps on Green with safety Shyheim Brown crossing the field to help. Turning back to look for the ball, the 6’7 receiver adjusted his speed to it and went airborne between the two defenders. After catching and landing with a wobble he turned it up-field for a score prompting the whole team to run over and celebrate.

The day also ended with a catch thrown by Rodemaker. I hope we start seeing more of these because they are inherently funny to watch. Rodemaker moved the offense down the field and found Wilson in the back corner of the end endzone for a score. Wilson has such remarkable height that he can just stand there and catch over a defender's head.

The next observable practice at home will be Tuesday, August 16 at 8:50 a.m. as the ‘Noles prepare for their week 0 matchup against Duquesne on Aug 27.