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Interviews: Amari Gainer, Alex Mastromanno discuss FSU preseason camp

“Every day has a different task at hand, and so it’s mental toughness, staying on schedule.”

Florida State is putting in the final touches on its preseason, with the last few days of camp featuring a gradual transition into game week prep.

The Seminoles kick off the 2022 season on August 27th vs. the Duquesne Dukes, a Week 0 matchup that offers the chance for FSU to start the season with a win for the first time since 2016.

Throughout camp, players have taken note of a different level of focus, competition and intensity from each position, with each practice putting the Seminoles’ focus on depth-building on display.

After Thursday’s practice, Amari Gainer and Alex Mastromanno met with the media to talk about the performances they’ve seen from their peers, as well as impressions on their own personal improvement as game day vs. Duquesne gets closer and closer.

Amari Gainer

On the consistency of fall camp:

“We’ve all been pretty consistent, you know for myself being able to be more bendy and more flexible...just being able to get better along my whole game...better teamwork, better chemistry, so I feel like we’re getting better steps day by day and it’s perfect timing with the season about to start.”

On players being able to show good condition and toughness throughout camp:

“Every day has a different task at hand, and so it’s mental toughness, staying on schedule...It takes a lot to be tough, but I mean it’s part of it and it’s part of being mentally tough, also physically tough going out here and hitting every day.”

Alex Mastromanno

On what he’s improved on this offseason:

“I’d say my distance and my hang time, I can see a good significant change. I’ve worked really hard in the offseason to put on some size and get a lot stronger so I can see that paying off now, so I’m really happy to have that going into the season.”

On how he’s able to control his accuracy:

“It’s just about awareness of the situation you’re in. If I have the whole field to play with, that’s when I can really go after those big punts, but if I’m closer and got those sky situations, that’s when I really need to work on my depth with the kicks and make sure I’m not hitting in the end zone, and just putting teams like inside the five.”

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