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Chris Thomsen speaks on FSU’s current state

“Just the whole group, highly motivated, really wanting to absorb all the different elements that position brings.”

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Florida State football concluded Friday’s practice with a better understanding of their game plan heading into Week 0. The coaching staff has been challenging each position to learn different positions, grow physically and be prepared for a mentally grueling season.

The Seminoles quickly shifted their focus to game plays and offensive sets after arriving back to Tallahassee from their trip to Jacksonville last week. Each room seems to know who will be taking the helm at different roles, so the depth pieces in the last couple of weeks have been crucial to understanding how the Seminoles truly stand heading into the season. The defense seems to be set with veteran minds and athletes comfortable with their positions, but the offense seems to be maneuvering in different aspects every day.

Tight ends coach Chris Thomsen spoke with the media about some of the versatility this offense can bring and prepared the Noles are with a game just a few days away.

On his takeaways from the tight end room throughout preseason:

“Just the whole group, highly motivated, really wanting to absorb all the different elements that position brings in terms of the assignment, what route do I run, what block do I execute...but then the technical aspect of how to do it just, super high concentration level from every guy, on wanting to perfect all those things that we’re asking them to general, an excellent group in that way.”

On the experience of Camren McDonald:

“His experience is really invaluable. Anytime you’ve been out in that arena that many times and seen that many different looks...that’s an invaluable role. You can only give them so many things in practice, they got to go get it in the game, and when they’ve got a guy in the room that has done it in a game it’s very, very helpful.”

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