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Safety Akeem Dent speaks ahead of Florida State’s 2022 season opener

“The light clicked on when I feel like I started understanding personnel and formations.”

In the eyes of head coach Mike Norvell, and according to the data, the progress that Florida State made since its season-ending loss to the Florida Gators has been tangible.

“I try to track things year-to-year,” he said on Monday, “and over the three-year period of time that we’ve been able to see that output in a fall camp, it was by far the best player load, the highest velocity, and top speeds just as an overall average of a football team. [Everything from] our explosive movements, change of directions, we blew it out of the water from years past.”

As complementary as Norvell has been of his players this offseason, he’s also been sure to emphasize that none of it has been proven until it’s been executed on the field.

After practice on Tuesday, safety Akeem Dent spoke with the media, touching on his own takeaways from practice and thoughts heading into the season opener vs. the Duquesne Dukes this Saturday.

Dent mentioned how he feels about the move to safety and what it means for the team. “Where I'm at right now, it's great being comfortable, just knowing, like all the things I've been through, just to see everything, just knowing the formations, then just being able to see everything like I can see everything a clear now so that helps a lot.” Dent also mentioned how he’s improved from last season and adapted to the game, “I feel like my thing was just locking into the system. This is college football, like, it’s not high school no more, everything moves a lot faster, there's more brains to it, I just had to dial more into it.”

Dent’s full interview can be seen below:

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