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5 things that set Florida State’s tailgate experience apart

Tallahassee brings the heat!

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FLORIDA STATE — The state of Florida has been a hotspot for some of the best football in the past decade, and some of the most notorious fanbases in the FBS landscape. There’s a certain feeling that football brings to the city of Tallahassee, where the months of August to December are considered the true “holiday season.” The recent ups and downs from Florida State have revealed a loyal fanbase that’s ready to celebrate the Noles on and off the field. While FSU has practiced to put on a show on the gridiron, the pregame entertainment starts the weekend party.

Tailgating has become a countrywide tradition that fans have quickly adopted. The smell of burgers cooking on the grill, the corn hole set placed next to your tent, and the chance to play a game of catch with random people you’ve never met. Football season is the most anticipated time of the year for many sports fans, and the pregame rituals have turned into a routine occurrence. Tallahassee is basically shut down on game day, welcoming thousands of tourists for their weekend attractions. While the main draw to the city is the team on the field, there’s a storm brewing for the tailgate scene at Florida State.

Here’s a look at the Top 5 reasons why Florida State’s tailgate experience is the best in the country:

No.1: Doak Campbell Stadium

FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium emits a sense of football royalty, with its enormous brick structure and historic details. Doak is one of the largest continuous brick structures in the United States, holding a near 80,000 seat capacity, per College Gridirons. The stadium hosts numerous tailgating events on game day, including reserved tenting with vendors on Langford Green and available tailgating slots surrounding the parking lot and parking garages.

No.2: Winning history

The three-time national champions have drawn attention to the city of Tallahassee since the birth of football at Florida State. The Noles may not be at the top of the NCAA hierarchy at the moment but there’s always a gravitation toward historic programs. FSU’s been home to first round draft picks, Heisman Trophy winners, and a multitude of conference championships. They’ve hoisted the conference title trophy 15 separate times, winning 28 of their bowl game appearances, according to SRCFB. There’s a national draw towards the garnet and gold that gets fanfare during the best and even the worst years from the program.

No.3: Game day traditions

There should be a short debate when discussing the top tradition in college football. FSU’s Osceola and Renegade bring a level of goosebumps and excitement that many football fans haven’t experienced. The fiery spear sticking to the fifty-yard line, the sparking fans in garnet and gold, and the constant roar of the tomahawk chop. There’s a sea of garnet throughout the stadium, including two dazzling fans who slather glitter and paint on themselves. Every fan has a different relationship with the football team, whether it’s a portal away from work, or the road to becoming a CFB fanatic.

No.4: Activities throughout campus

Florida State is home to one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Aside from the game itself, there’s many other activities throughout campus during game days that would entertain incoming fans. This could vary between the Sod Cemetery, to the Bobby Bowden statue, to a walk around the sports complexes, to the Florida State Athletics museum. These FSU staples may get fans a little hungry so they’ll likely want to hit some of the most popular restaurants in the city. Some of these restaurants around campus may include Madison Social, Township, Momo’s Pizza, and Cancun’s.

No.5: Classic American food

If a restaurant or “eating out” doesn’t please every fan, they’re likely going to be the ones that travels with an RV, truck and/or barbecue. If you’re looking to pack a lunch or make something on campus you’ll want to use Duke’s Mayo, especially when it’s preparing sandwiches for the entire family or making a quick meal prior to the game. Classic American and barbecue food are the perfect combination with Duke’s Mayo since it has the ability to “elevate any dish.”