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Interview: Mike Norvell talks FSU preseason progress

“We’re going to continue to push those guys and see who separates themselves when the lights come on”

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Tommy Mire/Tomahawk Nation

On Saturday, Florida State Seminoles football will hold its first scrimmage of the 2022 preseason.

It’s a chance for the Seminoles to prove that the progress, effort, and execution that they’ve shown so far isn’t isolated to practice time.

Head coach Mike Norvell has said as much in the leadup to it, echoing the same sentiments he said before FSU went full pads on Tuesday — until you can prove it when somebody is running at you full speed, it isn’t enough.

After Thursday’s practice, Norvell met with the Florida State media to discuss impressions of the day’s action, as well as overall takeaways after day seven of preseason camp.

“I like the mentality, we recruited to it and you know they’re showing up, and there’s some good and bad. When you’re young offensive lineman it’s not always going to look pretty, there’s going to be some growing pains that you face, but what is your response.”

The full interview will be linked below:

Video courtesy of 247Sports

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