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Interviews: Jordan Travis, Mycah Pittman, Tatum Bethune on FSU vs. LSU

“I told all the people I could go through another practice right now, I love it so much. I love it — being out on the field with the boys just competing every single day.”

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After starting 1-0 for the first time since 2016, Florida State Seminoles football now faces the tall task of heading into New Orleans and taking on the LSU Tigers in a major non-conference matchup set for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff on Sunday from the Superdome.

After practice on Tuesday, Jordan Travis, Tatum Bethune, and Mycah Pittman met with the media, talking about FSU’s start to the season and this weekend’s game against the Tigers.

Jordan Travis

Travis finished last week with 200+ yards through the air and a score on the ground giving him an overall offensive grade of 91.9 per His confidence in himself and the offense showed throughout Thursday’s practice and it carried over into his interview.

“I’m so confident right now in this offense. I feel good about everything. I’m comfortable. So I can go out there, I know where there is pressure coming, and when I’m really hot, I’m so comfortable right now.”

When asked about how he felt last week's landslide win against Duquesne he gave himself praise but was quick to point out his team and how there is always room for improvement.

“I feel like I did good. I managed the game well, the o-line did great, the receivers made big plays. Yeah, I played pretty well but obviously, there is room for improvement all the time for me. It’s never perfect so I just gotta keep getting better every single day.”

On his excitement about this weekend:

“I have all the confidence in the world. I can't wait to see Sunday it's going to be special for sure... It’s going to be special we’re gonna see a lot of big plays, I can't wait.”

Travis’ full interview can be seen below:

Tatum Bethune

Bethune has been a standout in practice and got a chance to show that in a Garnet and Gold uniform last Saturday. He didnt seem phased by the hype surrounding Sunday’s matchup and seemed happy he has the opportunity to play in such a big game.

“I honestly say this is probably gonna be my biggest game. I’m prepared for it. It’s not something (new). I played in big games since my high school. I played at Miami Central and it’s just, I feel like, just go out there and have fun. It’s the best thing to have moments like this.”

Despite having a really good outing last Saturday, Bethune says his missed interception has garnered him some laughs in the locker room.

“Yeah, we’ve been laughing at it all week, everybody’s trying to say I have butterfingers now. But I told them, like before that play even happened, I used to tell them like ‘The ball come to me I'm catching it,’ I’m like, ‘regardless no matter what’ and I go out there and drop it. So it was really heartbreaking. I was really mad about it... Those are plays you gotta make.”

Bethune's full interview can be seen below:

Mycah Pittman

Pittman has been another stand out in practice and averaged 11-yards per reception on Saturday. When asked about his performance he

“It was good, it was fun, just got things to work on and clean up. At the end of the day, I appreciate Duquesne coming out and giving us the work and I’m super excited about next week.” He also commented about his big block he had that game, “The big numbers is the goal all the time. I need to at least get two or three a game. It was alert, safety coming down, it was an MDM type of concept, so I see the safety coming down, he came down and I don’t know what he thought he was going to do with me but he ended up getting on his big numbers. At the end of the day I enjoy blocking and seeing my guys because I love being on this team and love seeing my boys eat.”

The rest of Pittman’s interview can be seen below:

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