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Mike Norvell talks bye week, previews Louisville

“Are you willing to give your best? When you show up to play a college football game, I don’t care, anything that’s happened before you get one opportunity.”

The Florida State Seminoles are back at it fresh off a bye week and a two-day break the team looked like it hardly missed a beat. Head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media after practice to preview their upcoming game against the Louisville Cardinals on the road Friday night. This will be the first ACC matchup for the Seminoles this season.

Heading into that matchup, Norvell emphasized the importance of preparing after a big win and keeping a chip on their shoulders saying it has to stay consistent through all moments big or small.

“I believe it's how you work. Everybody is going to say the right thing but is it consistently showing up on the practice fields, is it showing up in the meeting rooms, is it showing in the classroom? Are you willing to push on things that sometimes you might not even think are important? Are you willing to give your best? When you show up to play a college football game, I don't care, anything that's happened before you get one opportunity.”

After a very physical and intense win against the LSU Tigers last weekend, Norvell gave some updates on injuries:

“There are guys that have been a little banged up. Johnny (Wilson) coming of the game last week didn't do very much. I talked about a lot of the toughness that our guys put on display and being able to prepare themselves for the last game. guys like Maurice Smith, Johnny, Duke Cooper. It's good to kinda have a little bit of time for them to heal up. Darius Washington was one that was available but I’m glad he didn't necessarily have to play last week and you can see the confidence start to build with him as we’re moving forward.”

Previewing this Friday’s matchup Norvell gave some insight on Louisville’s quarterback Malik Cunningham and what problems they might face under the lights.

“He’s such an electric player. He's got a great arm, he can push the ball down the field, and very accurate in the vertical passing game. What he does with his feet, there's few people out there that can do that. He’s played so much, he’s tough you know, you see times where he takes a lot of contact and there's times that you see him pop right up and I think that speaks to who he is and the competitor he is. He’s just a very dynamic football player with his arm and obviously his legs”

Mike Norvell’s full interview can be seen below: