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FSU linebacker Tatum Bethune talks Seminoles’ season, ACC opener vs. Louisville

“I feel like defense, what we did mostly was play together, that was a big deal for us, and that’s what we went out there and did.”

Charles Mays

Through two games, transfer linebacker Tatum Bethune has had a major impact on the Florida State Seminoles defense.

The combination of experience and talent Bethune has infused has helped the defense take the next step, allowing others to do their jobs and elevating the play of the backers around him.

After practice on Monday, he spoke on what he’s seen from FSU so far and how the Seminoles’ are approaching the work week ahead of the team’s ACC opener vs. Louisville this Friday.

Given last weekend's nail-biting victory over LSU, Bethune wants the defense to improve on staying calm but he contributed that playing as a team was a major factor in that win:

“I feel like defense, what we did mostly was play together, that was a big deal for us, and that's what we went out there and did. I feel like we need to work on just staying calm when we get into situations like that — when the offense gives the ball away just going out there and getting him on the ground and just ending the game right then and there. I feel like we were just all overwhelmed about the situation. We just gotta stay calm — big plays we all did it. We did it to ourselves.”

It seemed that Cardinals quarterback Malik Cunningham was on everyone's minds today after practice and Bethune mentioned the challenges he presents.

“Malik you know he’s a good quarterback he knows how to extend plays, he’s very athletic. We just gotta get him on the ground. When you get him on the ground he’s not going to be able to do any plays.” adding, “That's my biggest deal just to get him on the ground and being calm when he comes at you. He know how to make guys miss a lot so he’s a very athletic dude so I know he’s going to pull the ball a lot and tuck it and run so that's going to be the biggest thing is to get him on the ground.”

Bethune’s full interview can be seen below:

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