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FSU’s Preston Daniel, Malik McClain, and Kalen DeLoach talk Louisville win, Boston College prep

The team is set to take on the Eagles at home

Tight end Preston Daniel catches first career touchdown against the Louisville Cardinals
Charles Mays — Charles Mays photography

Coming off last week’s victory over the Louisville Cardinals, wide receiver Malik McClain linebacker Kalen Deloach, and tight end Preston Daniel spoke with the media following Tuesday’s practice to review their performances from that game and look ahead to this weekend’s matchup against the Boston College Eagles.

McClain had two catches for 24 yards last Friday and a spectacular touchdown. When asked how the touchdown happened and if it was going on his highlight reel he said probably it probably wouldn’t be the first clip.

“Probably not, probably the one from BC last year. Yeah, I gotta put that one first.” adding that “I just felt like I was going to get it. The play before we had a big run and all the momentum was just going so I knew something big was going to happen.”

“Getting one foot inbounds it’s called kick and drag and that was just like a little Tony toe tap at the end.”

McClain’s full interview can be seen below:

Kalen Deloach finished the game with five tackles and a sack on the day and has really become a major disruptive force all around. Not having to face as mobile of a quarterback as Louisville Malik Cunningham he said is a relief.

“It’s definitely a sigh of relief. He does have the ability to run but it’s not going to be as often. So like if he does get the chance we’ll be prepared for it. But it definitely does take a little off your shoulders because you don't have to chase down a quarterback at any possible moment.”

With Florida State having already faced two very mobile quarterbacks this season, Deloach has taken the tall order of having to spy them but he says he likes being able to.

“Oh yeah, I like that because it gives me the ability to see what's going on inside the box. I like how that plays out. I like to run people down that's something I like to do.”

DeLoach’s full interview can be seen below:

Preston Daniel caught the first touchdown catch of his career last week on his only target for two yards and said that it was a cool moment in his career.

“It was pretty exciting you know all the cliches come to your head, ‘it was surreal and I'm never going to forget it. blah blah blah but it was definitely a cool moment in my career.”

Showing resilience has been one of the messages that head coach Mike Norvell has been consistently preaching about it in his interviews. That mindset seems to really have set in.

“The message was that what's this program is about. It’s really about the resilience, that response, and that kind of what sets us apart. We’ve really matured. We’ve shown that kind of greater resilience and confidence that really gives us that edge against the competition.”

Daniel’s full interview can be seen below: