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3 questions, 3 answers: FSU is 4-0

Florida State is getting set for a tough stretch of ACC games

Charles Mays

Florida State Seminoles football is 4-0, earning the record after blowing out the Boston College Eagles in a 44-14 victory inside Doak Campbell Stadium.

It was complete dominance throughout on the Seminoles’ part, with running back Trey Benson taking the opening kickoff for a touchdown and Boston College not scoring until late in the matchup. Quarterback Jordan Travis, who left last week’s win vs. Louisville with an injury, set a career-high for passing yards in a game.

To dive deeper into what the win means for FSU, here’s three questions tackled by the Tomahawk Nation staff.

Nitpick this win — what is your biggest issue that you’d like to see addressed?

Perry: Leaving points on the field, which is intertwined with the kicking issues that FSU has faced so far this year. Because of the doubt in the ability of Florida State to hit field goals, the Seminoles had to go for it on fourth a few times and while its valuable game experience earned by repping that, they still failed to convert and just completely finish this game off in the first half.

Juan Montalvo III: Kicking. It’s a known issue, but it was magnified by a game where pretty much all units had good games. (Except field goal kicking.) I’m about to start my son in 3-year-old soccer in Tallahassee, so would Norvell accept a decent 3-year-old kicker?

Evan Johnson: FSU rightly tried to convert a few fourth downs in opponent territory and the offensive line wasn’t up to the task. They did a good job for most of the night but I’d like to see them really road grate there.

Frank: FSU should have scored more than 44 points.

LastNoleOfKrypton: Besides the obvious kicking issue? Let’s get better in short-yardage.

Name an MVP who isn’t Trey Benson

Perry: Kalen DeLoach, who is coming into his own as a player and leader on the defense. He’s starting to become a nationally-known name, which is amazing for a player who at one point started to become written off by some of the fanbase.

Juan Montalvo III: Trey is obviously tha real MVP. Darion Williamson. Plays were clearly designed with him in mind as the target. With Pokey Wilson, Johnny Wilson, Malik McClain, and several others having strong seasons, to see yet another receiver step up simply highlights how solid Florida State’s pass catchers are.

Evan Johnson: Uh. Um. Williamson? Who saw FSU relying on him so much early. Dude was balling out and how are you going to deal with this receiving core when that happens? ...The answer is still Benson.

FrankDNole: CAMREN MCDONALD, he finally came through tonight and he was instrumental in making this a blowout win.

LastNoleOfKrypton: Jordan Travis, who continues to play at an elite level.

What’s the new potential outlook for this team in 2022?

Perry: Not so much because of the win, but the fact that FSU is 4-0 and has done so in both dominating and persevering fashion has me much more confident in my preseason projection of 8 wins — and has me teetering into 9, possibly 10 win territory. Is FSU going to be playing for an ACC title this season? Not likely, but with how the Seminoles have looked this year and with some of the more intimidating preseason matchups losing their luster, it’s not exactly far-fetched.

Evan Johnson: I do not change preseason outlook. Make a bowl, continue to recruit, climb. FSU has a tough few games coming up against Wake Forest, NC State and Clemson. An injury to Travis doesn’t doom you like you thought it might a week ago but it’s still super duper bad. I am hopeful they go 1-2 in the next three and finish 10-2 but maybe 9-3 is more likely. Either way I’m very happy with this season so far.

Juan Montalvo III: this game doesn’t move the needle for me for this team. They played as who I thought they were - which is good! They’re multiple steps closer to reaching our expectations for this team. And inching closer to a really, really good season after seeing some key rivals struggle.

Frank: I think the bias against FSU will prevent us from being considered for the CFB Playoffs. Therefore, I will accept winning the ACC and going to a major bowl as a consolation prize until we play Bama for the 2023 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

LastNoleOfKrypton: This game doesn’t change the outlook on the season but being 4-0 means you’ve got a real shot at NY6 bowl if you can get through these next three games at 2-1 or better.