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Head coach Mike Norvell talks FSU blowout win against Boston College

“What a night, what an incredible, incredible atmosphere. That is what college football’s about.”

Florida State football played host to the Boston College Eagles in the team’s second ACC and second home matchup of the season, dominating to the tune of a 44-14 win.

The Seminoles have been riding immense success early in the 2022 campaign, notching their first 4-0 start since 2015, and it seems like things are finally flowing in the Noles favor as they build momentum throughout the entire program.

Head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media following the Seminoles win against Boston College. He talked about the undefeated start to the season, the offensive success, and the way different coordinators put the Noles in a position to win against Boston College.

Opening statement

“First off, what a night. What an incredible, incredible atmosphere. That is what college football is about. Our fans, I mean, that was special. Just the whole buzz around this weekend, it’s been an incredible weekend. We have challenged our guys. We need to you come out and play a game where we show we could dominate a game. We challenged them in practice. I mentioned to the media throughout the course of the week, really like the approach of how our guys came to practice. Thought it was our best week of practice that we’ve had. Sitting there getting off to a good start at the beginning of the season, there has not been any letup. Guys are pushing harder, challenging themselves. They want to continue to grow and get better. To go out there tonight and start the way we started, all three phases showed up big, offense, defense, special teams. To start the game with a kickoff return for a touchdown, we have been pushing so hard in our return game to have these game-changing plays. For it to show up tonight was huge. Really set the stage. Defense was remarkable throughout the course of the night. They have some very talented playmakers on that team and our guys embraced the challenge. Like I said, they prepared throughout the week for this opportunity. You know, just so proud of the way that our guys came out and played. It still wasn’t perfect. Still a lot of things we have to clean up, continue to improve. But if we can keep that mindset throughout the course of the week and push to improve in all aspects, man, I’m excited about where this team can go. But tonight was a great night. I appreciate, just want to thank all the fans, everybody that was here. That was special.”

On Trey Benson

Trey is an explosive player. We lost a couple backs there early in camp, so we are trying to maximize all those guys’ opportunities. Trey so explosive and got a lot of confidence in Sam McCall. He’s going to be remarkable. But wanted to get Trey off to a fast start tonight. He definitely took advantage of the opportunity, and you just see his confidence growing with each week. This young man is coming off a very substantial and serious injury, and you just see him getting better with each carry, with each game. He’s so very hard to tackle. But I wanted to see if we could help spark him and if he could help spark us in the return game. There are ten other guys that absolutely did a great job in helping that, but, boy, when he got in the open field he knew what to do with it. I was fired up for him.

On if he’s “pleased” with team

I mean, I’m proud of this team. That’s what I care about. For us, you know, are we approaching each day to go out there and maximize what we have in front of us. I challenge this team. I challenge them in everything they do to go be their best to build them up for what they can do. That was my message in the post game. Just, you can. You can do this. You can go and put together a performance. If you prepare throughout the course of the week as good as you can, you can go put that on display. Just seeing the growth, seeing the confidence, you know, the way these guys care about playing with each other, that’s what makes this place special. That’s what makes this team special. We are at the beginning. We are a third of the way through the season.

I can point back a year ago third of the way through the season, and then there was a drastic change. Ultimately we are in position that if we will do the things necessary, you’re going to continue to see those positive steps. So, yeah, I am very pleased with this team for all they’ve done up to this point, but especially this week. Because we came off a couple emotional games. We came off being on the road. You saw it. We are down a lot of the players tonight. A lot of guys that didn’t play. And you just continue to push that mindset. You get your opportunity, go make it. Go make it the best it can be. So I’m proud about that. Where we go, the choice is ours. The schedule is going to continue to elevate. Each opportunity is more of a focus, more of a spotlight. I just want these guys to be what I know they’re capable of. Like I said, the choice for that investment, that’s what we have to make. I believe these young men will but, yes, I’m extremely proud of where they are and what they’ve done up to this point of the season.

On Jordan Travis

On Wednesday I was pretty certain that he was going to play. I was so proud of him for the way that — we had good reports this weekend. Wasn’t able to go on Tuesday, but he just was pouring everything he had, getting treatment, absolutely wanted to play in this game. That’s the competitive spirit that he has, seeing that grow within just the maturity that he had. But we got done with Wednesday and I felt very confident that he was going to come out and play well. He definitely did that. Just even in some of the situations where things broke down a little bit, just his poise that he was able to show was really, really good. You know, like I said, I think Jordan is putting himself in a position to do some really special things, and if he keeps doing the things that in the way he’s investing, it’s going to be fun to watch.

He absolutely is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. I’ve been around a lot of good quarterbacks. We have got a special one here. He’s got to continue to work, continue to do the things necessary.. but his ownership and management of the game — what I love is we all know the athletic ability he has. He put that on display tonight. But what he’s doing with his arm and just the rhythm, the timing, where he’s locating the football, his patience, just to sit there in the pocket and deliver — I mean, that ball it Kentron was awesome; right before the half, two minute drive. That’s who Jordan is. We get to watch it at practice every day, and you see that carry over into the game and just his joy, communication, things that he’s seeing. We’re going to continue to push hard. Jordan has just continued to respond to everything that’s come his way.

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