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FSU coordinators talk Wake Forest, Boston College win

“It’s tremendous because special teams are really a reflection of the culture as a program.”

The Florida State Seminoles, reeling off a blowout win against the Boston College Eagles last Saturday, are set to take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at home this weekend. The ‘Noles are the only undefeated team in the state of Florida and look to improve on their 4-0 record and improve on their No. 23 ranking.

Offensive coordinator Alex Atkins

Quarterback Jordan Travis had a career game reaching 321 yards through the air last weekend and throughout the week it seemed to be questionable if he would play through an injury.

Atkins commented on his toughness and resilience.

“Jordan’s toughness has always been on display from taking hits and taking shots and getting up and keep going. So we were highly confident he was going to play as long as he felt like he could. Jordans ball play, I will sing his praise to the end. His toughness has been on display. Since I've known him he’s been a tough guy.”

Through the past four games, four different wide receivers were able to break out and take over. When asked if it schemed that way Atkins said:

“I think it's just taking — making the most of your opportunity. You know it's not by design, we aren't going to try and scheme up and do something different it’s just, you know, a little bit of all of it but when those guys hear their number called they've been able to make the plays they need to be successful but I’m proud of that group overall. I always make a point that that group pushes each other.”

When asked about Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson Atkins said:

“When I was at Charlotte he was there and always passionate and had success on offense, his quarterback is a really good player. So you kinda study to see what they’re doing well and I give him credit. Like most coaches, he adjusts to what he has his personnel.” saying that “Wake has always been sound, they play fast, they play consistently their players don’t second guess they know what they’re doing.”

Atkins’ full interview can be seen below:

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

Newcomer defensive lineman Patrick Payton shined in last weekend’s matchup and both Fuller and Norvell mentioned his play and development.

“He did well he impacted the quarterback four times in the game, I think they credited one sack but he was definitely impactful. We gotta finish a few plays with him, you know when he had them in his grasp but Patrick executes and plays hard and he’s a team player and he cares a lot about his teammates, and that year of development he had as a freshman he gained a lot of ground and we need him to gain more ground because his role has expanded.”

Wake Forest runs an unusual offensive scheme with a lot of mesh plays at the handoff. Fuller discussed the effectiveness of that style of play and why it works for them.

“When the ball goes in there, if you really attack it, sometimes they pull it and they throw it to a really good player running down the field so that’s part of why they do it. I know it sounds simple but listen, they’ve been really good on offense for several years. Coach Clawson does a great job and you know, why are they really good? Well, they play with a good tempo so they keep you playing at their pace. They execute at a high level and they’ve had good perimeter players.”

Fuller said he has an appreciation for the history at FSU and that the sold-out crowd last weekend was great however that isn't the most important thing to him.

“I have an appreciation for the history. I have an appreciation for programs like Florida State and just to be here now in year three I think the thing that impresses me as much as the game atmosphere is just how it makes people around Tallahassee feel,” adding that, “Just to hear people, how excited and appreciative they are of how we’re playing, and the impact that has on others, that's what means the most to me.”

Fuller's full interview can be seen below:

Special Teams coordinator John Papuchis

Florida State opened their game last weekend with a kick return for a touchdown and when asked about what he saw Papuchis said:

“I thought the guys did an excellent job of executing, you know, there were some key blocks. I think Darion Williamson made a huge block on it. I actually took two, you know, that wasn’t by design (we) kinda ran one guy into another. Brian Courtney, Wyatt rector, really everybody, Mycah Pittman did a great job getting through and up onto the kicker to really spring it.” Also adding, “It's tremendous because special teams are really a reflection of the culture as a program.”

With starting defensive end Jared Verse out, some of the guys in the rotation had to step up. Leonard Warner and Dennis Briggs answered the call

Both of those guys are veteran guys, they’re mature, they work hard. I think they understand what it takes, speaking first about Leonard, he’s not going to be the flashy defensive end you know highlights sacks, and all that stuff but he’s gritty, he’s tough, he’s dependable, h e’s hard working. He is older so he has that veteran leadership to him. He’s important to the room so I feel like he’s continuing to get better as he gets more reps. Really the same way I describe Leonard would be the same way you could describe Dennis.”

Circling back to the atmosphere at Doak Campbell, Papuchis said it was the loudest he’s ever remembered a stadium.

“It was an unbelievable atmosphere, it really was and then it was loud. Like when we hit that kickoff return to start the game, I mean that was about as loud as I remember hearing a stadium at least in real-time. I’m excited about our guys really, because, especially some of the ones that have been here for a couple of years they’ve been through their share of downs and so they have the opportunity and they earned their right at this point now that there is so many people that are excited about the games, and the atmosphere that it creates.”