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Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis talks 4-0 start, impact of Hurricane Ian

The Seminoles are set to take on Wake Forest at home this Saturday

FLORIDA STATE — Quarterback Jordan Travis has been lightning this season and after coming off his first career +300-yard game in last week's victory over Boston College (44-14.) The Seminoles are set to take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at home this Saturday afternoon and are currently seven-point favorites.

Jordan Travis spoke about that victory after coming off of an injury the previous week and how he wanted to get back out there the same night:

“I was in the training room a lot,” Travis said. “The trainers did a great job this past week of pushing me. I was there all day long. Kudos to them. Also saying that the coaches and teammates pushed him to get him ready for BC. “The coaches pushed me real hard, and my teammates pushed me to get in there. I was there, just working hard.” adding that “I tried to get back in the game that (Friday) but the trainers said they had to protect me from myself. I knew I was going to play.”

Travis has gotten a lot of criticism in the past about his throwing ability, what position he should actually be playing, and after his monster performance against Boston College, he let everyone know with a tweet saying #iamaqb. When asked if his intention was to let everyone know who doubted him his response was:

“That’s for myself, that’s not for anyone else, he said. “Everything I tweet is kind of for myself. Yeah, it’s for myself, to tell myself I play quarterback because I hear, running back, receiver, or whatever. I’m just going to keep working to get better every single day.”

Travis also spoke about the success that backup quarterback Tate Rodemaker coming into the game when he went down.

“It meant the world to me,” Travis said. “Seeing what Tate has been through, all the outside noise. He hears it. Us as college players, we hear everything. Social media, we see it at the end of the day. Seeing him succeed, it meant the world to me. It brought tears to my eyes just seeing him grow and all the stuff he’s been through.”

With Hurricane Ian’s impact ever looming, Travis showed concern for his family near the impact zone, but also, everyone down in south Florida.

“My family’s down there right now. My mom’s actually at work right now she’s a nurse so she’s out at work. I texted her this morning, just checking on her just praying for them, praying for all the families, praying for all the families down south that are gonna be affected by this hurricane for sure.”

Travis’ full interview can be seen below: