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Big Man Big Heart, players start Hurricane Ian relief fund

Gibbons, Travis, Munzer have sights set on Hurricane relief

Defeating hurricanes on and off the field.

Florida State offensive lineman and founder of Big Man Big Heart Dillan Gibbons has teamed up with quarterback Jordan Travis and and defensive lineman Malakai Menzer to help bolster the relief effort being put forth across the state. The trio have set up a Hurricane Ian relief fund to help out not only teammates who are affected by the catastrophic storm, but any family who has been displaced and undoubtably needing to rebuild.

Menzer’s family lives on ground zero in Punta Gorda, FL and although they remained safe, there are countless others who are without a home or electricity. More than half of the team has either family or friends in south and central Florida and as the storm moves north, many more will be in its path.

From the fundraiser’s description:

My name is Dillan Gibbons, and I’m the CEO and founder of Big Man Big Heart - a non-profit that encourages college athletes to use their NIL to give back to their communities. Jordan Travis, Malakai Menzer and I have teamed up to help those affected by the catastrophic damage that Hurricane Ian left in its path in our home state this week. We’ve stayed focused all week on preparing for the Wake Forest game this Saturday, but we were also keeping a close eye on Hurricane Ian as it approached the west coast of Florida. Most of the guys on the team had family and friends right in the middle of the cone of uncertainty. Now that Ian has made its mark on Southwest Florida, we feel so badly for those who suffered the devastation and are dealing with the aftermath of one of the worst hurricanes in American history. We know that college football fans here in Florida and across the country want to help, but don’t know how. Please DONATE and SHARE this GoFundMe to help us raise as much money as possible to help those whose lives have been changed forever by this storm.

Big Man Big Heart along with all of us here at Tomahawk Nation ask that if you can spare it, anything helps as we all go through this troubling time.

A link to their fundraiser can be found here.