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Making the grade: How Florida State’s offensive line has performed through 2 games

Diving into PFF’s offensive line grades for the Seminoles

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Florida State v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles offensive line has been one of the most discussed pieces of the football team over the last few years. Whether it has been the offensive tackle saga, injuries, or depth— the big men up front have been a hotbed for discussion among the fanbase and prognosticators alike.

After each week, Tomahawk Nation will take a peek at FSU’s PFF grades along the line, offering some insight into the numbers and performances.

To start, a rundown of the offensive line after the first two weeks of Florida State football.

Florida State offensive line grades

FSU offensive line grades through Sept. 5

Player Duquense Run Blocking Duquense Pass Blocking LSU Run Blocking LSU Pass Blocking Average Run Score Average Pass Score
Player Duquense Run Blocking Duquense Pass Blocking LSU Run Blocking LSU Pass Blocking Average Run Score Average Pass Score
Julian Armella 52.7 77.6 - - 52.7 77.6
Kanaya Charlton 57.1 69.8 - - 57.1 69.8
Bryson Estes 65.4 55.1 - - 65.4 55.1
D'Mitri Emmanuel 73.5 36.9 61.6 28.4 67.55 32.65
Dillan Gibbons 64.3 79.3 55 53.3 59.65 66.3
Bless Harris 56.7 47 - - 56.7 47
Zane Herring 64.9 76.6 - - 64.9 76.6
Daughtry Richardson 57.9 70.1 - - 57.9 70.1
Thomas Shrader 64.9 0 - - 64.9 0
Robert Scott 80.8 62 52.2 73.9 66.5 67.95
Maurice Smith - - 60.2 59.5 60.2 59.5
David Stickle 65.6 75.1 - - 65.6 75.1
Jazston Turnetine 71.8 86.8 51.9 76.5 61.85 81.65
Darius Washington 58.6 73.7 - - 58.6 73.7
Lloyd Willis 61.8 67.7 - - 61.8 67.7

Florida State offensive line performance takeaways

  • PFF is not a perfect scoring system. The graders cannot be 100% of the assignments on each play.
  • With Maurice Smith possibly still nursing an injury, Emmanuel and Gibbons could have over compensated with inside help affecting their scores.
  • PFF is not a fan of Emmanuel’s pass blocking to date but the Charlotte transfer has graded out as the best run block Seminole. An interesting position to watch in FSU’s next game.
  • Jazston Turnetine has been the most consistent pass-blocking lineman for Florida State. The importance of his late addition to the transfer class cannot be overstated.
  • Credit to FSU’s staring five against LSU as they played all 73 offensive snaps.

PFF (Pro Football Focus) is a sports analytic company that focuses on thorough analysis of the National Football League(NFL) and NCAA Division-1 football in the United States. PFF produces 0–100 Player Grades and a range of advanced statistics for teams and players by watching, charting, and grading every player on every play in every game both at the NFL and FBS level.